Amelia Kerr withdraws from Engand tour to focus on her Mental Health

When not in the right mindset, an athlete is bound to break down no matter how strong he or she is physically. The current pandemic has seen a rise in such cases due to piling stress and frustration forcing several athletes to put a pause on their preparations and prioritize mental stability.


Amelia Kerr New Zealand Women's Cricket
Amelia Kerr New Zealand Women’s Cricket


Making her international debut in 2016 and becoming one of the star players of the New Zealand Women’s Cricket Team, the All-Rounder Amelia Kerr declared her withdrawal from the multi-format New Zealand tour of England to be held from September 1st to 26th.

Kerr stated that although she loved her sport, she was not in the correct mental state and well-being to give her best performance. The pandemic, bio-bubbles, and intense quarantine schedules had led her to this level of exhaustion. She did not want her issue to become a hindrance for the team during the tour and hence, she decided to pull out. It was not an easy decision for her to make, considering how valuable she is for her team and how well she had prepared for the series.

Kerr thought that prioritizing her recovery at the current moment was best for her. Fortunately, her decision was well supported. Coach Bob Carter stated that despite being a fantastic player, her mental instability could not be overlooked. It had to be prioritized and tackled with the best solution.

A player’s well-being is of utmost importance especially during the current times and one needs to respect their needs. Captain Sophie Devine reminisced on how jolly and cheerful but focused Kerr was on the field. She empathized with Kerr on how difficult the situation they currently faced was and how necessary communication was to ensure that her teammates and players were doing well and were looked after. \

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She wished for Kerr’s speedy recovery and return to the field. Kerr was also grateful to have received support from the New Zealand Cricket and Cricket Players Association for her decision. Taking a break from all her activities, we hope that she gets enough time to restabilize and make a strong comeback when she is ready.

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