How Hemlata Kala Spotted Deepti Sharma’s talent at Eklavya Cricket Stadium?

When people from nowhere show resistance, they dare to break free. They have the audacity to dream and they are ready to give it all. With Female Cricket Podcast, umpteenth people have listened to stories of ladies from nowhere making it big.

The first podcast with Deepti Sharma received love from all corners. The title was Agra Prodigy featuring Deepti Sharma. Indeed she is a wonder. She is a vital part of team India now but there was a time when she was like all of us. Her story has a lot to do with the Eklavya Stadium. It won’t be wrong to suggest that her life changed after her little adventure at the Eklavya stadium.

Deepti Sharma - Female Cricketer
Deepti Sharma – Female Cricketer. Pic Credits: BCCI

While recalling the early days, she revisits the days when her brother was all into the game. Interestingly, her brother has represented Uttar Pradesh in the CK Nayudu Trophy. She used to see him leave for the ground and once she urged him to take him to the ground. The reply was negative and Deepti had to plead in front of her dad. Big brother could do nothing against dad’s approval. Deepti was, finally, taken into the stadium and was made to sit on the stairs.

From there she could see her brother practicing and interestingly there were quite a few girls too. Little did young Deepti knew that one day she will be a role model for many of the girls giving their best in the field. The biggest presence on the ground was that of Hemlata Kala. She has played for the Indian national side and has held important offices relating to the game. Soon, the stars conspired and Deepti came into the eyes of Hemlata Kala.

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Hemlata Kala spotted Deepti Sharma's talent at Eklavya Stadium
Hemlata Kala spotted Deepti Sharma’s talent at Eklavya Stadium. Pic Credits: ESPN Cricinfo


It all unfolded when a ball, all of a sudden, came towards Deepti and she too grabbed the ball. Her throw, surprisingly, went on to hit the stumps. Hemlata spotted talent in the eyes of the young girl who threw the ball from the stairs. She inquired about the girl and the word got to Deepti’s brother. He thought that her younger sister had messed up and was summoned. However, on meeting Hemlata he got the complete picture.

Hemlata told him that his sister had the talent and she should practice daily. One of the most significant things she said was Deepti playing for India in the future. Who knew that the words will come true. The goddess of knowledge, Saraswati, was on the words of veteran Indian. Deepti recollects that Hemlata had a vital role to play in her career. She was indeed her first guru and a true mentor. Cricket and the world need masters like Hemlata who find the best from places where dreams hardly come true.

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