“I used to practice thrice a day, carried heavy kit bags on my cycle,” reveals Poonam Yadav

Everyone dreams. All of us know the ingredients to success but how many of us really make it? It takes an ample amount of dedication, determination, and courage to make big things happen. However, these attributes often come easily in the lives of small towns.

In streets where every day is a struggle, people learn to make their way to the top. It is a misconception that Cricket is a game of riches and bigger cities. There was the arrival of names like Mahendra Singh Dhoni and RP Singh that broke the taboo for men’s Cricket and for women’s cricket, the city is Agra.

MS Dhoni and RP Singh
MS Dhoni and RP Singh

It has left bigger metropolitans behind. Agra has given notable names in women cricket and two of India’s current team members have a connection with the city of Taj Mahal. Poonam Yadav and Deepti Sharma come from the colorful City of India’s biggest State. Female Cricket in their podcasts have uncovered stories that inspire millions. In the first episode, it was Deepti Sharma and the third installment had Poonam Yadav. The journey of Poonam Yadav is nothing but incredible. People, generally, don’t give a good chance to dreams like hers.

Female Cricket Podcast
Female Cricket Podcast

She used to live in a single room with herself and her siblings. One of the most astonishing features of her struggle was the practice. It was the hard work that took her to the elite group. This hard work was extraordinary. It is for students and aspirants. It is for parents who are conservative. She used to give eighty percent of her efforts to Cricket and it was in 9th that she chose Cricket over anything else.

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Her dad was in the army and the discipline of India’s leading spinner comes from him. She has spent her entire career on one cycle. In the initial stages, she used to practice twice a day. For a young girl, she used to take her kit on the cycle. Most people won’t believe that she later practiced three times a day. She realized that practicing twice won’t be enough. She kicked the walls and broke her limits.

Poonam Yadav - Indian Railways women's cricket team
Poonam Yadav also plays for Indian Railways women’s cricket team. 

Firstly, it was before school where she would warm her body. Then she was off to school. After school, she went back to the ground at 2 PM and used to train personally for an hour. Then she rested in the ground for nearly 90 minutes and joined other children in the nets in the evening batch. Not a lot of people can imagine practicing Cricket thrice a day. Not a lot of people from a single room dare to dream of playing one of the nation’s most competitive games. Poonam did. She is an inspiration for billions and her story says that your limit is you only.

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