Alyssa Healy suggests to not reduce domestic games in WBBL to cut costs

As the world faces a crisis amidst the growing outbreak of novel coronavirus, sporting activities have been terminated. However, there are talks to some form of cricket coming back to fans in a matter of a month or two. There have been rightful apprehensions of a greater loss falling on the female cricket with boards focusing on getting the men’s game around as soon as possible.


The Australia fans came out in force to meet their heroes in Melbourne today Selfie
The Australia fans came out in force to meet their heroes in Melbourne today Selfie. Pic Credits: ICC

Australian star Alyssa Healy has realized the possibility and has urged her board to continue their strong investment in domestic settings. She hopes that there won’t be any lessening of the matches for women and cost-cutting shall not take essential matches from the female cricketers. There have been prospects of shortening the domestic tournaments for men and women as the Australian cricket board looks forward to cutting the cost amidst a shortage of revenues post COVID19.

There has been no decision on the domestic fixtures for the upcoming season but Healy highlights that any cuttings in the women’s Big Bash and women’s national championship would hamper the momentum that women got after the successful completion of the world cup earlier this year. The shortening might also affect the preparedness of the Australian side for the upcoming world cup in New Zealand.


Women's Cricket World Cup 2021 FIxtures Announced
Women’s Cricket World Cup 2021 Fixtures Announced. Pic Credits: ICC


In the unplayable podcast, she says that WBBL is the bulk of the cricket that Aussie women play and there hasn’t been any 50-over tournament. It is not to say that the domestic men and women don’t invite as many revenues as BBL or international fixtures but shield games or WBBL are an essential part of the game too. Women don’t have a first-class competition in Australia. The growth of WBBL has been evident since it went alone last year.

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The tournament, though, is not as juicy as international matches or other star-studded events but they had the platform of a highly enjoyed world cup and the buzz around women cricket. Not only the revenues but the participation promoted by the tournament encourages women to take up playing and other jobs in the cricketing settings. Healy feels that the inputs into the game should not stop completely.

She said that. “It’s such a shame that this has happened and we’ve potentially lost a bit of momentum, but I think we can pick that up pretty quickly once we get back rolling and (by) making sure we invest properly in the women’s game and make sure it thrives in the future”.

BBL can be the first thing for the fans after the resumption of the game. Healy is a member of the Australian cricket association. The CEO of ACA says that Reducing WBBL games has been strongly represented to us recently; that’s not something (the players) want to do.”

Players around the globe hope that they see the game start as soon as possible.

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