Interview with Shubhlakshmi Sharma – Only female cricketer from Jharkhand in National Team

Shubhlakshmi Sharma Interview Female Cricket
Shubhlakshmi Sharma. Pic Credits : NIKE

1. What age did you start playing cricket? Walk us through your initial cricket days?
When I was 15, I used to play with my brothers in my locality just for fun, nothing serious.

2. Any siblings (brother-sisters)? If yes, were they equally interested in Cricket?

My brothers, both of them were very supportive and one of the main reason behind me being a cricketer.

3. Who were your cricket role model / inspiration whilst growing up?

Brett Lee. His attitude, aggression inspired me. I always wanted to bowl like him.

4. How did you cope up with your studies / education / other commitments along with cricket?

It was very tough to continue both studies and cricket together but somehow I managed with the help of my sisters, classmates and teachers. I am very grateful to them.

5. When did you realize that you have to become a cricketer and play for Team India?

Cricket was one of the game I used to play along with other sports. I represented Jharkhand in Volleyball and badminton as well. But when I started doing well in Cricket and got selected to play for the zone, I realized what exactly I want.

6. You have played in all 3 formats: 10 ODIs, 1 Test and 18 T20I. Which format have you enjoyed the most?

Playing for the nation in itself a huge honour and pride; no matter whichever format you are playing but if I have to choose one I would say the test cap.

7. When and how did you come to know about your selection in the national ODI team? Could you recall the moment and describe it in words?

I was in the national camp when I got the news about my selection in the national team. Some feelings cannot be expressed in words and it is one of those moments. It was a cloud nine feeling.

8. How special was your debut T20 Match against West Indies women on Feb 23, 2012. You were economical and also bagged a wicket of Britney Cooper.

I was nervous as any other debutantes. First match that was against west indies, big hitters in the team. But when I got the ball, nervousness somehow vanished and I was lucky that I bowled well and got a wicket too.

9. You were born in Hazaribagh, Bihar and probably is the only cricketer from state. Later played domestic cricket for Jharkhand. What was the general perception about women’s cricket in both these states back then? Has it changed now?

At that time cricket was not at all popular among girls, specially in places like Bihar and Jharkhand. According to them, any kind of sport was not suitable for girls. But the scenario has completely changed now. Girls are taking up cricket as their profession.

10. How happy were your family members and friends knowing that you are representing the national team at just age of 22?
They were very excited and happy because a girl from a small town like hazaribagh has made it to the Indian team. Good wishes were pouring from my relatives and friends from all over the country.

11. Tell us about your coaches who has helped you in your early cricket days. Which club did you play for?
There were many coaches who have inspired and encouraged me to play cricket. I am very thankful to them because in a small town like Hazaribagh generally, you don’t get all the modern facilities and equipments but at that time they have provided me, with whatever was possible for them. I started playing for my district.

12. Your excellent performance in the domestic for Jharkhand earned you a job in Eastern Railways.But you rejected the job.What happened?

Railways has always recognized talent and given jobs to sports personality. I am one of the lucky people who got a job in Eastern Railway. I did not reject it but kept on hold due to my exams and joined after few months.

13. You made a comeback after being dropped from the Jharkhand state team.How was the feeling?

It’s always great when you make a comeback. so I was very happy and determined to do well in the upcoming matches.

14. You went on to represent India in 2 T20 and 1 ODI world cup. Tell us about the World Cup experience. Are you satisfied or hungry for more?

It was a great experience playing in these 3 world cups but our performance was not up to the mark. We could have done better. Yes the hunger is there to do well and win the world cup for the team. I believe there is no place for satisfaction in a sportsperson life.

15. How does it feel to be the 2nd fastest bowler of India only after legend Jhulan Goswami?
She is a great player probably the best not only in India but in the world cricket today. It is a huge honour and responsibility to be the second fastest bowler. The expectations are always high. You have to perform every time you step on the field.

16. Only 27 right now, you have plenty of years left in your career. How do you wish to utilize the remaining years?
The first and foremost thing is to comeback in the national side and perform for the team. I want to do well in almost every match that I play.

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Interview with Shubhlakshmi Sharma - Only female cricketer from Jharkhand in National Team

17. What would be your message to all the female cricket aspirants?

I want to keep it short and simple – “Dream and make it happen.”

18. Your views on Female Cricket as a platform?
I am very happy to see that Female Cricket has come up with such a great idea to promote women’s cricket. A platform like this was very much required. So All the best to Female Cricket team. Carry on and I hope to see many more initiatives like this.

Vishal Yadav, Founder & CEO at Female Cricket

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