For a Female Cricketer to be called Sensational..

The fame and limelight offered to female cricketers is not in kindred with the one as male cricket sensations.

Sensationalizing Women's Cricket in India

The deserved recognition isn’t delivered appropriately to female cricketers. Even though the game doesn’t drive the heart of fans as it does with male cricketers but the effort required and the perseverance delivered cannot be subjected to comparison on the ground. In fact it is even more challenging to the female end to perform over all the pressure that they are bound to face. Both male and female cricketers receive equal criticism but most of the times they are baseless and requires consideration from the criticizer when he strikes at a female cricketer for her skills. There are many obstacles in way of female cricketer when she is set on path and not getting recognition and appreciation for the delivered effort is the sole one. They also lag behind in getting financial support because female cricket is rumored to have no future. What people don’t realize is that the development of female cricket is necessary for the prosperous development of female sports and their stand in the nation.

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The crowd is faintly interested in female cricket because it isn’t that happening or doesn’t attain so much of the fans attention but from the perspective of a sport lover it equally provokes the hormones and touches the excitement buds. It is quite easier for a male cricketer to receive appraisal and approval for his skill than for a female cricketer to get a position. Everyone speaks of a male cricketer as a sensational player but what about the female faction. There are fan clubs for the leading males, fans crazy to get their autographs and every media forum drooling for the happenings in their life. I haven’t even seen a single female cricketer getting half the attention. Does anyone remember any advertisement wherein they were felicitated for their contribution in this field? The recent Q mobile rightly depicts the challenges faced by them. Yet that isn’t sufficient. We need people who can propagate their involvement in the spotlight. We need an open-minded society that appreciates their effort and encourages aspirants in this line.

It resonates with this quote from Sachin Tendulkar,” As far as the World Cup is concerned, it is a process. We don’t want to jump to the 50th floor straight away. We must start on the ground floor.”

Getting instant recognition isn’t possible but gradual appraisal and appreciation is needed and it is a process that will lead to a fruitful base for the future of female cricketers where they will also be called as ‘ Sensational ‘ players.

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