A lyrical tribute to the love of Cricket

My Love : My Cricket

Lips quivered in fervent prayer,
Eyes breathed the green ground in,
The stands roared like the mighty ocean,
All for their favourite team to win.

The brown pitch tugged at every eye,
The stumps stood proud at its ends.
The grass all heady like summer,
The sky beaming down like a friend.

One by one, the players walked in,
Wearing one colour, holding one hope.
The coin clinks, the game begins,
And the batsman starts eyeing the rope.

The ball spins like a ballerina in the air,
Bounces with a sweet sound on the willow,
The game begins when our hearts dance
To the dives and catches that follow.

Desperate running for a run,
Risky shots that leave you jumping.
Mangled cries from one player to another,
The centuries that leave you gasping.

The umpire with his umpire hat,
Balls preceded with the tick ticking bat,
The fist punches batsmen share as they are at it,
The slap hugging with the fall of every wicket.

Families sitting glued to the television,
With every score cheers get loud,
Prayers and screams and angry cussing,
Ah! Isn’t that what cricket is all about?

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