8 funny reasons that makes Indian Cricket Fans unique

The Indian cricket fans have only 3 jobs while watching a match- Swearing, Praying and Squealing!
During IPL or World Cup season, the country breathes and walks cricket. You do weird karnamas so that your favourite team wins the match. You don’t? Oh c’mon!
Unique Indian Cricket fans

Here are some of the most bizarre things a typical Indian cricket fan does-

1. Wear the same T-shirt for every game

Whether they are watching the game at home or in the stadium, they have to wear their lucky T shirt. Unwashed, stinking, but determined that they would cause the win. Anu Malik is the best example.

Anu Malik - Big time Cricket Fan


2. Deserted Offices / Colleges

The number of sick leaves in an office / college during a match is twenty times higher than the regular number. How come so many suddenly fell ill? It must be the flu *giggle*

Image source- Scrolldroll

3. Standing for the entire game bearing all the pain

No amount of pain or cramps or sweat in their legs will bring them to rest on their chair. They are allowed to lean on the wall, sometimes, but no sitting.

4. Not moving during the match – My Lucky Charm

Sitting tight in one position all through the match, especially in tough situations. If they move their leg or place their feet above the ground, wickets are sure to fall.

5. Standing on one leg – Jeet k totke

This usually happens in the last few overs of the match. Hop, skip, jump but only on one leg. Indian Cricket team will be blessed with victory.

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6. Becomes a critic. As if they are the Selectors / Former Players / experts.

On losing a match, the blame game begins. Why did Dhoni send Jadeja out first? Why did Ashwin bowl the last over? And the favourite of all- Why Anushka Sharma, why?

Cricket Blame game
Image source- Scrolldroll

7. Did someone just said – India Vs Pakistan

Ask any Indian fan which match they are looking forward to and all of them would reply with India vs Pakistan. Winning that match is more important than winning the finals.

India Vs Pakistan Cricket Match
Image source- Scrolldroll


8. Not watching cricket on TV

Some fans honestly believe that if they watch the game on TV, they bring bad luck. There are many celebrities who believe this too. The Bacchan family doesn’t watch any game on TV. Neither does Sonu Nigam.

We all have at least one of these typical cricket behaviors. Have anything different of your own? Tell us in the comments below.
Till then, keep swearing and praying!

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