5 mantras to be a successful Women Cricketer

How to become a successful Female cricketer

Along the long race to developing a successful career in female cricket there are some necessities that should be invested right from the beginning to produce benefiting outcome. If all the below challenges are efficiently managed the way to your goal will seem clear from a distance and you will definitely look back at these milestones that you succeed in passing. So here are few of the many significant levels that need to be accomplished for a female cricketer.

1. Developing athletic background:
As compared to men, women need to give in more physical strength and effort to get habitual to the mandatory amount of perseverance for the sport. Being the fundamental step towards the dream, this entire course of training and learning will definitely be required for you to pass the advanced levels.

2. Defining your path:
Young girls need to balance education on the other scale if they want overall academic and family support. Yet there comes a time when you will need to specify the path you are walking along and one has to be chosen. This stage will either begin your new chapter in the sports life or end the book of your dreams that you carried since a long time. This is the decision making step.

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3. Getting selected:
This step is the most difficult of all and has various other sub points. Matching the requirements and growing up to the prerequisite standards. Getting recognized from sports organizations and creating a bio of all the skills you can showcase as your abilities. Playing for trophies and creating your image in the field. Pushing yourself through all the hardships and getting ready for the advanced level. These sub points can be summarized into small sentences but their weight in the practical background cannot be fathomed just by reading them word by word.

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4. Categorizing yourself and Living it:
It isn’t necessary that female cricket is restricted to the Indian Cricket team only. You can be a coach for your school girls too. So at this stage you need to identify where you stand and where you can fit. Don’t try to alter yourself according to the space available but try to search for the role that you can portray best. If you think this is the last thing you can do, you are wrong because this is just the beginning. Now is the time you will start learning, gaining experience, enhancing yourself, teaching others and also setting an example for everyone. This is a long process and you can`t stop somewhere in between you continue with it as long as your body allows you to.

5. Making a Difference.
Finally the hands that were once strong will turn weaker every minute. You’ve gone through a lot. Created your image, faced the society`s resistance, walked all this way, managed your age along with the pace and now you can look right into your own eyes and give credits to the girl who stands firm now. Yet if you couldn’t make a difference to the girls who wanted to hold the bat, then your journey will miss the “leaving an impression” phase. I hope at the end of this journey you can always be true to yourself about your contribution towards female cricket.

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