Women’s Cricket in Africa – Growing Leaps and Bounds

Known for being one of the hottest places on earth, Africa, the second largest continent is famous for its huge cultural heritage, ancient Egyptian Pyramids. Home to the longest and deepest rivers in the world, Africa is also known to be the origin of civilisation and written language dating back to more than 4000 years. Well talking about sports, Football is the most famous sport in the continent followed by cycling and athletics. Cricket as a sport is emerging in the continent with South Africa leading the charge.

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Football being the most popular sport in Zimbabwe, cricket is gaining increasing importance in the country. Zimbabwe women’s cricket team made its international debut in 2006 and is a full member of ICC. They qualified the 2008 World Cup Qualifier but failed to repeat the same in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2018. They organise their own T20 tournament known as Zimbabwe Women’s T20 Cup to promote the growth of sport and for women to get more chance to play and improve their game.


Uganda is another soccer following nation making its mark in cricket. They played their first match in January 2006 in a triangular series. They played in the African regional qualifiers for the 2009 World Cup, which sadly they didn’t qualify. In 2018 they were granted full Women’s Twenty20 International by ICC. They became a stars overnight as they beat Zimbabwe to qualify for the World Cup Qualifier this year. In July, they played their 1st T20 international match against Scotland in ICC Women’s World T20 Qualifier which was held in Netherlands. There is a long way ahead for these women’s to make a mark in cricketing fraternity.

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A mountainous and densely forested region in Africa mainly involved in playing football is always had an interest in cricket. They also played in the African regional qualifiers for the 2009 World Cup. Tanzania being a fairly poor country, doesn’t encourage women’s participation in sports as they want their girls to earn to survive their families and themselves but cricket has come as a ray of hope for women in there, as it coaches them for other important things while training them, which will help them find a good career prospect and at the same time increase their involvement in the sport.

Earlier this year they were granted full Women’s Twenty20 International by ICC. A long and prosperous journey is waiting for them.


Known for football, swimming, rugby union, baseball, volleyball, softball; Kenya fairly shows its interest in cricket. They first played their match in 2006, in a triangular series. The then second highest run scorer in women’s cricket, Sarah Bhatika, also hails from Kenya. In December 2009, they won the Africa Women Championships under the captainship of Emily Ruto. In current scenarios cricket is well established in Kenya and the credit for these mostly goes to leagues organised by various cities and to domestic competitions. 

They have now achieved the full Women’s Twenty20 International status by ICC and are trying to bring back the good cricketing time back.


A country mostly famous for its cuisine takes interest in playing volleyball and has made its way in playing cricket as well. They have always been a part of the African regional cricket games. Earlier this year they achieved the full Women’s Twenty20 International status by ICC. Well when it comes to women cricket in Rwanda one can never forget, Cathia Uwamahoro. Thanks to her that today Kenya has more than 30 schools, which have both male and female cricket team. 

Her team of taking her country to the peak in international cricket will surely be fulfilled one day.

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