FairBreak Invitational 2023 Schedule and Ticket Prices

FairBreak Invitational, the International Cricket Council (ICC) approved Women’s Twenty20 (T20) tournament, is privately run by FairBreak Global and aims at improving differences in pay, quality of play, and opportunity between men and women in cricket. The tournament has its fixtures and ticket sales announced for the 2023 Hong Kong edition.


FairBreak Invitational 2023 Schedule and Ticket Prices
FairBreak Invitational 2023 Schedule and Ticket Prices


The inaugural edition of the tournament was to take place in Hong Kong last year, but with Covid restrictions, it was moved to Dubai where the tournament witnessed a successful launch. The tournament for its 2nd edition now will be returning to its original home, Hong Kong, and the tournament’s scheduled to be held from the 3rd to the 16th of April.

The Finalist from the inaugural edition, Falcons, and Tornadoes, will play the curtain raiser on the 3rd of April at 2:00 PM, and an opening ceremony too is scheduled for the same day in the morning hours. There will be a FairBreak (FB) All-Stars team that’ll play against hosts, the Hong Kong team, HK Divas.

FairBreak Invitational 2023 Schedule

3rd April 2023 Monday FB All-Stars XI vs HK Divas 11:00 AM
Falcons vs Tornadoes 2:00 PM
4th April 2023 Tuesday Warriors vs Sapphires 10:00 AM
Barmy Army vs Spirit 2:00 PM
5th April 2023 Wednesday Tornadoes vs Warriors 10:00 AM
Barmy Army vs Falcons 2:00 PM
7th April 2023 Friday Spirit vs Sapphires 10:00 AM
Warriors vs Falcons 2:00 PM
8th April 2023 Saturday Barmy Army vs Tornadoes 10:00 AM
Spirit vs Warriors 2:00 PM
9th April 2023 Sunday Sapphires vs Tornadoes 10:00 AM
Barmy Army vs Warriors 2:00 PM
11th April 2023 Tuesday Sapphires vs Falcons 10:00 AM
Spirit vs Tornadoes 2:00 PM
12th April 2023 Wednesday Sapphires vs Barmy Army 10:00 AM
Spirit vs Falcons 2:00 PM
14th April 2023 Friday Playoffs 5th vs 6th 10:00 AM
15th April 2023 Saturday Semi-Final 1 10:00 AM
Semi-Final 2 2:00 PM
16th April 2023 Sunday Playoffs 3rd vs 4th 10:00 AM
Final 2:00 PM
Fans can head to TicketFlap and book their tickets for the games.

Tickets for kids under 16 for the league stage games are free of cost, while those who are 17 and above will be required to pay 100.00 HKD, and 15.00 HKD as handling fees. Boundary Club Ticket which is Hospitality inclusive is priced at 1,650.00 HKD, and a 15.00 HKD plus as a handling fee, this remains the same throughout the tournament.

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Ticket prices for the 15th, the knockout day, see kids under 16 required to pay 100 HKD and 15.00 HKD as handling fees, and those 17 and over required to pay 200.00 HKD and 15.00 HKD as handling fees. For the final, on the 16th, while kids under 16 will pay 100.00 HKD + 15.00 HKD, those in the 17 and over bracket will be required to pay 300.00 HKD + 15.00 HKD.

The event’s exceptional coverage last time around had it broadcasted to 141 territories and the global viewing audience has been estimated at between 30-40 million. On the cricketing front, the inaugural season turned out to be a super hit as it was hugely appreciated and the league had witnessed 90 players take part from as many as 35 countries.

FairBreak Invitational’s upcoming 02 edition is scheduled to be played from the 3rd to the 16th of April 2023. A second FairBreak Invitational for 2023 will be staged in Houston, Texas and it’ll be held in September from the 15th to the 30th. Continuing the trend, FairBreak Global will now be conducting two tournaments every year.

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