Arti Sahu – Journey from Playing cricket in Lucknow to Coaching girls in London

Meet Arti Sahu, who is only 21 now, but has some serious coaching assignments to her name. A sports science student from London, Arti has worked with Middlesex County Cricket Club and volunteered as a coach for different clubs across schools in London. She has also shared the cricket field with some of the renowned female cricketers like Charlotte Edwards, Beth Morgan, and Kate Cross. Here’s her cricket journey:

Arti Sahu - Middlesex County Cricket Club
Arti Sahu clicks a picture with Sachin Tendulkar at Middlesex County Cricket Club

I’m a Sports Coaching Science student, been coaching for almost 3 years now. I have done a lot of part-time coaching and volunteering work in different clubs and schools in London. I worked for Middlesex County Cricket Club (CCC) cricket for 6 months, I learned a lot in those 6 months and it was a great experience as I was coaching in schools and kids with disabilities.

A lot of the kids never played cricket before but once they start playing they enjoy the sessions and look forward to the next one. The aim is to increase participation in cricket for mixed age groups. Currently, I am doing part-time work for Middlesex CCC and setting up a women’s team in the university (St Mary’s University). We wish to increase the number of female cricketers in the country as there are a lot of health benefits in sports and getting them to participate in one way or another is amazing!

As I have an Indian background, I dream to increase female participation in cricket in India as girls face a lot of challenges to play sports or even get out of the house. The coaching and the experience they get will most certainly be worthwhile.

Playing cricket is an important part of my life; before a coach, I am a player and I love what I do. Every year training and match practice always improves my performance. This year I took my first five-wicket haul and this is was a very special moment for me. Cricket is not just about bat and ball, it’s about your team, it’s about you as an individual getting away from personal problems for some time while playing, it’s about developing yourself and making friends.

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Arti Sahu
Arti Sahu with England cricketer – Kate Cross

I played in the first women’s T20: ProAm tournament held in Hampshire Bowls against Charlotte Edwards and Beth Morgan with Kate Cross (current England player) and other county players. It was an amazing experience and I’d love to play again if I get the opportunity to.

A particular moment from my coaching days is coaches wanting to be coached by me and enjoying the session rather than being coached by coaches who use orthodox methods.

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