“Just work on the basics,” says Mithali Raj to Velocity team members

Women’s IPL has to be one of the most awaited tournaments for female cricket in the Indian subcontinent. The players have landed in Dubai for their matches and are ready to take on the field. Before they could face each other, the training has started and social media is full of mentions.

Mithali Raj in Women's T20 Challenge 2020
Mithali Raj in Women’s T20 Challenge 2020


The stars after an extensive and unprecedented break have made a return to the lush field to face each other. The official handle of the Indian Premier League has shown players of Trailblazers and Velocity resuming on the ground. Fans have given a warm reception to the visuals.

Mithali Raj and Smriti Mandhana can be spotted reciting the mantra to the cameras. Mithali in her address to the players stressed that players shall give their best while training and it was, at the same time important, to not overdo things.

Mithali said that players shall “work on the basics” and she realized that “players won’t be giving their best at the first session” and it was essential to “give best in the session” even if it was for “20 minutes”.

Smriti Mandhana alongside all other players of Trailblazers were seen sweating in the nets. Smriti, to the camera, revealed that players were looking active and she expected players to be “rusty”. Her session was better than she had expected. Velocity players were seen sweating in the net after an energetic start from the skipper.

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Suman Sharma who coaches Velocity revealed that she wanted players to have a feel of the “environment” and the “climate”. She added that “The plan was to get the players in touch and help them regain their confidence”. While players will have sessions in the future, their nature shall evolve. The intensity will increase as the dates for the first match come closer. Smriti says that she was looking for her first match and the side was eager to get the competition going.

Mithali, too, will look to impart her learnings on the side. As International fixtures become routine amidst global unlocking, there shall be no doubt that the matches will be vital for players to get in the groove. Giving the best would be the target for players as they feel the lush back.

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