Women’s T20 Challenge to be held from November 4, Squad and Fixtures Awaited

We, at Female Cricket, and fans from around the world have been eagerly waiting for Women’s IPL. The T20 challenge for women that takes place alongside heavyweight IPL is one of the most celebrated leagues for Women Cricket in the Indian subcontinent.


Women's T20 Challenge Trophy in 2020
Women’s T20 Challenge Trophy. Pic Credits: BCCI


It features some of the best players from around the globe and sports some of the best Indian talent. With the fever of cricket reaching highs amidst masses, women too will take on fields to show their excellence. The recent reports, however, have suggested a change in the league as 2020 is not the year to follow past normals. There are talks of a mere 4-match tournament for women.

As expected, this announcement has attracted a wide array of reactions. There has been a stern opinion against BCCI and the shortening of the tournament. Others, on the other hand, have appreciated the board for turning the tournament into a reality in times like these. A shortened version, as many believe, zeroes the ideas behind having such tournaments. These matches are for players to showcase their talent in front of massive spectators.

Stumped - One cricket umpire, two countries. Click on the banner to see more details
Stumped – One cricket umpire, two countries. Click on the banner to see more details


They are taught to handle pressure at the mountain tops and the arrival of many foreign stars ensures that learning is an integral part too. A four-match tournament is unlikely to get players into the groove and will best provide them with a healthy warmup. There are, however, other points to consider as well. A tournament with players of different nationalities warrants a great degree of services ranging from logistical to medical. Bio-Bubbles are the first-time thing for Indian Cricket Administration. It is under these lights that one might argue that a Women’s T20 Tournament in times of pandemic has a symbolic worth.

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The writing on the wall is clear that BCCI and Indian Cricket is in no mood to leave its women representatives behind. Away from all these points and counterpoints, fans are eagerly waiting to see their favorite stars on the field.

If a 4-match tournament is justified for women when men are playing a 53-day IPL? Should BCCI be lauded for a Women’s Tournament in a pandemic? These questions are best left for pandits as spectators have no time to keep their eyes off the ball.

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