Women’s T20 Challenger (Mini Women’s IPL) to have four teams in 2020 edition

2020 already seems like an exciting year for Women’s Cricket as BCCI has decided to add another team to the Women’s T20 Challenger in the upcoming season, ESPNCricinfo reported.


Women's IPL Teams
Women’s IPL Teams. Pic Credits: IPL


The IPL of women’s cricket which started off in 2018 surely held tight over the years as its success is clearly visible. The opening year composed of a couple of teams – Supernovas and Trailblazers which significantly had another addition the next year which is in 2019, The third team Velocity was added to the pool. The T20 challenger will be now bigger and more versatile which promotes women’s Cricket in a more entertaining way.

The latest edition which was held in Jaipur consisted of three teams which attracted a lot of viewers and were highly competitive. According to the report, a fourth team of which name is yet to be revealed has been included and there would be seven matches including the final this time. The T20 Challenger Tournament similarly to the previous year will begin during the playoffs of IPL.

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