Girls from a small village in Gujarat prove that disability cannot keep them away from cricket

Geeta and Lalita, 25 and 23 years old respectively have made it to the first camp selection of girls for the first national disabled women’s cricket team.

Geeta Damor. Pic Credits: Times of India
Geeta Damor. Pic Credits: Times of India

These two differently-abled women have proved that nothing is impossible to achieve if you have your hard work done in the right place with dedication and perseverance. They hail from a small village, Geeta from Pukda village of Fatehpur Taluka and Lalita hails from Dumka village of Dhanpura Taluka in Dahod.

A camp was organized in November and these two girls from Dahod were among the 31 women picked up for further training. The efforts for a disabled women’s cricket team for the country have been taken by Divyang Cricket Control Board of India (DCCBI).

These girls are total freshers, don’t have any previous experience in this sport and ironically belong to a rural place where girls hardly get involved in this game. All the credit to their teacher in ITI, Ahmedabad who guided them to the camp.

Geeta Damor, who had completed her ITI course in computers and was working at a unit in sanand, decided to give up her job to ensure that she could attend training sessions regularly.

“I was not getting much at the job and was keen to play cricket and hence decided to attend the camp” she said.

Like Geeta Lalita Damor too was a student of the ITI but had quit her beautician’s course. She had lost her father in 2007 and it was her mother who was bringing her up. Lalita had a disability in her left leg due to polio and uses a stick.

“I am interested in cricket and would like to continue playing,” she said.

These girls come to Vadodara every weekend to practice after the camp ended last month.

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Source: TOI

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