A question about Mithali Raj on KBC 11 turned out to be a tough one, makes contestant quit

Recently there was a question on KBC 11 which made contestant Ankeeta Kaul Ahlawat from Haryana quit. The question appeared to be out of her knowledge range as well as she was out of lifelines, now she had no option but to quit and went out taking the amount she won of ₹1,60,000.

Mithali Raj

The question was, “Who became only the 4th cricketer after Javed Miandad, Sachin Tendulkar, and Sanath Jayasuriya to complete 20 years playing ODI cricket?” The four potential options that were given to Ankeeta were Mithali Raj, Charlotte Edwards, Chris Gayle, and Shoaib Malik. Ankita’s didn’t have any clue regarding this question. After quitting she was asked to choose one of the options she thought was correct and her answer was Chris Gayle, which is incorrect and the correct answer is Mithali Raj, so it was better she did not go ahead with this answer.
As we know, Mithali Raj is the only Female Indian Cricketer to have completed 20 years in ODI Cricket.

This is an answer that all hardcore cricket lovers must know, Mithali Raj has made us all proud every time she has been on or off the field.

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