Ellyse Perry discusses about the plethora of sporting opportunities in Australia for Women

Ellyse Perry is the one who has done it all, from representing multiple sports for the Australian side to becoming an inspirational figure worldwide, The Australian all-Rounder is at a perfect position to compare the past and present situations and make a judgement on it. Perry has come forward with all the big changes happening in the Industry and remembers what it was like before it reached the purple patch, she also talks about the current scenario offering a hotspot of opportunities.

Ellyse Perry for Sydney Sixers
Ellyse Perry for Sydney Sixers

Perry turned 29 last weekend and made it special by creating a world-record partnership of 199 runs alongside Alyssa Healy in WBBL, She says “I play cricket. I’m a professional cricketer and I guess my job is to hopefully help Australia win games of cricket. The majority of the things that I get asked about now is around that and the progress of women’s sport. It’s in a really cool place and it is so positive at the moment. There’s so many things ahead on the horizon and exciting opportunities. It’s nice to be a part of it.”

Perry also states that women’s sport right now has come close to be at the highest level she has seen while her journey of 13 years in cricketing career.

“Having success in World Cups is some of the biggest career highlights that I’ve had, but more generally speaking, the biggest highlight is just the development of the sport and being involved in this period of women’s cricket, but also in women’s sport in general in Australia, where it’s been a bit of a watershed moment. We’ve got so many more professional female athletes in the country all of a sudden because there is such interest in women’s sport. There are people following it, there’s a lot more money being invested into it and girls are getting the opportunity to live out their dreams. So to have kind of seen the other side of that, where it wasn’t quite there for a number of years, and to have lived that progress has been pretty amazing.”

The charm of Ellyse Perry has not just been reflected on the field but also off-field too, Outside of sport, she has received a lot of attention and has dealt with stardom with a lot of humbleness and this clearly reflects in her life so far. Perry is without a doubt best in her business and with such a successful career she has never failed to inspire the upcoming generation responsibly “I’m not a particularly extroverted person. I’m quite shy and I absolutely love my job — if you’d call it a job — and I like everything that goes along with it, but I think away from that I’m probably no more interesting or special than anyone else, and so I really like just doing normal stuff, as I’m sure most people in our team do,” she said.

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Perry who has been consistently performing for Sydney Sixer has had a successful edition of WBBL till now scoring 279 runs in her contribution for the side at an average of 139.5 in five matches.

Source: ABC.net.au

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