Mumbai Cricket Association’s Amol Kale keen on encouraging women’s cricket

Mumbai Cricket Association vice president Amol Kale looks forward to encouraging women’s cricket.

Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) vice president Mr. Amol Kale is looking forward to encouraging women’s cricket in the city. Kale, who hails from Nagpur and is a businessman by profession, was recently elected as the vice president of MCA. He feels that there is a lot of scope for them to work and they are working seriously on it.

Kale said that they have also accepted a few suggestions from Sachin Tendulkar. Tendulkar, who recently in an event had highlighted the importance of promoting women’s cricket in the country had urged the association to organize more tournaments for girls.

The major focus of the association will be on developing school level cricket and encouraging the female cricketers. Safety of the players and age fraud issues are other areas they will be strictly dealing with.

As reported by Suhas Nayse of, Kale recalled the glory days of Mumbai cricket.

“There were days when Mumbai cricketers used to dominate the Indian cricket. Basically MCA has good structure at school and college level.”

But unfortunately in the last few years, cricket was not properly managed in MCA. As a result, very few players are now on the Indian side. The new MCA body is determined to bring back the glory days of Mumbai cricket”, Kale said to the press at Sports Journalists’ Association of Nagpur (SJAN) office on Saturday.

Kale also feels that there is a need for more matches to give Mumbai players more experience and match exposure. The association is planning to conduct more matches with other state teams including Vidarbha.

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Kale also hailed Sourav Ganguly’s leadership qualities. The former India captain who is all set to be elected unopposed as the BCCI president found praise and appreciation from MCA vice president Amol Kale. Kale is happy that a cricketer will be heading BCCI and is hopeful that his tenure will help Indian cricket in the future.

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