Queens XI cricket league for women comes back with season 3 in India

The Queens XI cricket league is back with season 3 of the tournament. Held in Gurugram, this league aims to promote cricket among women players.

This year the Queens XI cricket league was held at Sports Maidan, Gurugram from 27th to 29th September.

8 teams participated in the 3-day tournament which included 2 international teams from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The tournament aims to increase the popularity of cricket, ensuring that more women get attracted to the sport at the same time.

Behind this tournament are the brains of two passionate women, who wanted to give women sportspersons the platform to play cricket for better preparation of their future.

The tournament was inaugurated by Ms. Archana Gupta, Director KEI Industries Ltd., and Ms. Tripti Shinghal, CEO – KGS Advisors and Founder – Womennovator who came forward to conduct this tournament for a common goal – that is to encourage women in sports.

“Feminization of cricket faces innumerable challenges and the most important one is lack of opportunities. We recognize and admire the immense potential, Indian women possess in the sporting arena, especially cricket. Through this tournament, we wish to promote and encourage women to come forward and play cricket”, said Ms. Archana Gupta, Director KEI Industries Ltd, as reported by India Education Diary.

Ms. Tripti Shinghal, Chief Executive Officer- KGS Advisors and Founder added, “The common notion that prevails in our country is ‘Woh ladki hai, cricket nahi khel sakti. Cricketers like Mithali Raj, Jhulan Goswami, and Vrinda Rathi have proudly opposed this general view and have proved their mettle throughout. Queen’s XI is not just restricted to cricket but also aims to support women in sports by giving them platforms where they can play and experience real competition and also explore financial independence through making a mark in sports. I am extremely excited to witness their energetic and power-packed performance on the pitch today and it is a just a start and we won’t stop here.”

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According to India Education Diary, the Director of KEI Industries Ltd., Mr. Akshit Diviaj Gupta highlighted the gender imbalance in cricket by urging people to watch more women’s cricket games. “The potential of sports in our country is immense but unfortunately never been explored at full. Being a cricket-crazy nation, the interest and inclination towards the sport are intensifying at a fast pace, but at the same time, the gender imbalance continues to persist. We want to empower women to obliterate this gender-gap and emerge as sporting icons to the youth and other Indian women. This will also act as the driving force for the teams that will be a part of the tournament.”

Queen’s XI is a tournament, which promotes and encourages women cricketers to play well. Moreover, the exposure that Indian players will get while competing with different teams and playing with the international teams will be hugely beneficial to them.
The tournament also aims to support women by providing them monetary and non-monetary help to ensure their participation in cricket.

Queen’s XI cricket league is a great opportunity for aspiring women cricketers to play competitive games and experience the atmosphere. Hopefully, more such leagues will happen in the future for women cricketers.

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