Criteria for Choosing a Betting App

How to Choose a Sports Betting App

Tired of betting via PC? Your bookmaker has an inconvenient mobile version of the site? This problem is very easy to solve – install online cricket betting app ( and you no longer have to bet only from home or suffer from an inconvenient interface. The only problem is to choose a suitable application that will meet all the requirements of players. We have prepared you the most important criteria, having sorted out with which, you will easily find a suitable betting app.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Betting?

Already, most Indian punters have switched to mobile betting, favouring mobile apps. And the reasons are obvious: it’s easy, fast, convenient and secure. If you are still pondering whether you need a betting app, here are a few pros in favour of this decision:

  • Additional features and personalisation of settings;
  • Live betting without being tied to a specific location;
  • Reminders of match results or tournaments;
  • Special offers for mobile users;
  • Easy navigation.

Criteria When Choosing a Betting App

Before online cricket betting download the best option is to research the app as much as possible so that you don’t come across poor quality services. Choosing an app affects not only your game and satisfaction, but also the security of your personal data. That is why you need to take a responsible approach to this issue and not make any hasty decisions. You can download an application that your friends advise you or trusted sites about betting. Or you can understand the issue yourself and choose the one that suits your needs. This section contains the main criteria you should pay attention to.


The most important point to check before downloading any app. Very often betting app is removed from such sites as App Store and Google Play. This happens because the policy of these shops does not prohibit the publication of casino related content. And almost all betting apps have not only betting, but also gambling. 

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The way out is simple – download the app from official betting sites. But before that, check a few important points:

  • Existence of a valid licence;
  • Encryption of data on the site;
  • Betting site reputation;
  • Device Compatibility.

If everything is fine, you can safely download the application. If not, it is better to find another option. 

Ease of Use and Interface

There’s no point in installing an app if it doesn’t make betting more convenient than with a computer or mobile version of the site. Its point is to make your life easier, not more complicated. Pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Intuitive interface so that users can easily find the sections they need;
  • Quick access to key features. The most important things such as placing bets or topping up your account should be easily accessible from the home screen;
  • Hints for new players to help them get used to the app;
  • Fast loading and stable operation of the application. If the app constantly crashes or fails to load, it greatly affects your betting and can cause you to lose;
  • Compatibility with different devices. The greater the number of compatible devices, the more carefully the application is designed;
  • Attractive design and correct display;
  • Ability to provide feedback within the app.

Functionality and Features of the Application

If security and interface are more or less clear, what features should a good app have? Beginners are not quite sure what to expect from a betting app. Here are a few things that a good betting app should have:

  • Live streaming. The main limitation in online cricket games for pc is the ability to bet directly during the match. Whilst technically it is possible to do this, in practice it can be difficult to find the time to be at home in front of a computer to watch a match. The app should solve this problem and provide all the features for live betting;
  • Access to statistics and analytics. Information about the team and previous matches will help players make a more informed decision. Analytical reports and expert forecasts will also be a great advantage;
  • Combining and editing bets. Combining several bets into one greatly increases your chances of success. But if you want to delete one of the bets, such a function should be in the app;
  • Availability of guides and other tutorials. This is not a necessity, but if the app has guides for beginners, it is a significant plus. Demo mode also refers to tutorials, because players can learn to play without depositing funds.
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Technical Support

Bettors sometimes encounter all kinds of problems, and solving them is the main task of the support service. Any problem that arises should be promptly resolved, which is especially important in situations such as betting failures or problems with transactions. Quality support helps players feel comfortable and increases the reliability of the operator. The main criteria for an app with quality technical support:

  • Round-the-clock availability;
  • Real-time chat;
  • Operator competence;
  • FAQ section for searching for answers on your own;
  • Training videos, tutorials and guides;
  • Regular updates to the app.

These are the basics you need to know before choosing a betting app. Of course there are other things to consider, such as bonuses or available payment methods, but these are things that everyone should choose for themselves. 

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