How New Zealand female athletes pay the bills after retirement?

New Zealand women's cricket
New Zealand women’s cricket

Black Ferns captain from 1997 until 2006 Farah Palmer puts light on how the post-retirement life of female athletes is different than those of male athletes in New Zealand. Discrimination has always been a part of sport when it comes to male and female, right from the status that the male athletes receive in compared to what the female athletes do, to the major difference in the cheques drawn by both the gender.

The fact that what the female athletes got in return of playing sport was not enough and would have forced them to work post their sporting career is clear by Palmer’s this statement as noted by The Stuff “I knew as a female athlete the chances of me getting paid to play were quite low so I always focused on my education and getting a qualification”

Earlier in the 90s the women were given used uniforms, were only able to play when the men weren’t playing, usually Sundays, and did not have their own changing rooms. Although the situation has improved a lot from what it was, still is not good enough. A lot is to be worked on, and efforts are required to be put.

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