Bangladesh Captain Nigar Sultana Joty anticipates Home Ground Advantage in ICC Women’s T20 World Cup

Nigar Sultana Joty, the Bangladeshi skipper expressed her anticipation for the upcoming ICC Women’s T20 World Cup hosted in Bangladesh, emphasizing the significance of playing on home ground.

Nigar Sultana Joty
Nigar Sultana Joty. PC: ICC

With palpable excitement, Sultana highlighted the unparalleled experience this presents, particularly for the younger players within her team. Sultana highlighted the pivotal role of home support, anticipating a strong turnout from fans to cheer for the Bangladesh squad. She acknowledged the immense boost that enthusiastic crowds can provide and emphasized the importance of their presence in driving her team’s performance during the tournament.

Nigar Sultana emphasizes the immense significance of the upcoming World Cup for the Bangladesh women’s cricket team. Describing it as a historic moment, Sultana expressed the team’s collective pride in representing their nation on home soil. She highlighted the incredible opportunity it presents for the team members, particularly the younger players, who are poised to gain invaluable experience from this prestigious event.

Sultana’s excitement not only reflected her eagerness for the tournament but also her appreciation highlighting the deep gratitude the team feels towards the crucial backing of the passionate Bangladeshi cricket fans. She further acknowledged that it’s the unwavering love and support of their fellow citizens that have propelled them to this historic occasion, further solidifying the bond between the team and their nation.

She mentioned, “It is a huge moment for the team, it’s really incredible for the team members because it is a proud moment of playing a World Cup at home.”

The 2024 Women’s T20 World Cup marks the second time that Bangladesh hosts a T20 World Cup, after its debut in 2014. Reflecting on the previous edition, Sultana fondly recalled Bangladesh’s inaugural appearance in the tournament, which coincided with their historic first-match victory in the T20 World Cup. Even though Sultana wasn’t part of the team at that time, she acknowledged the profound significance of that achievement. The memory of that triumph holds a special place in the hearts of the team members, marking a historic moment in Bangladeshi cricket.

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She mentioned, “That was the year (2014) in which we won our first game in World Cups, so it was very special, Though I was not in the team, I was very young. (But) that was a great memory for the team.”

Nigar expressed her belief and optimistic outlook on the future of cricket that the extensive media coverage and the influence of large crowds surrounding the tournament would play a pivotal role in popularizing the sport among young girls. Her vision transcends the immediate moment, aiming to create a legacy that fosters the growth and development of the sport for generations to come.

She mentioned, “I think it has started from today. Because there is a lot of media coverage, and when we play in front of so many people, the crowd will come. And all the young cricketers will take this game forward. This is what I wish for.”

Bangladesh is positioned in Group B in the upcoming T20 World Cup, sharing the stage with opponents like South Africa, England, the West Indies, and Scotland. Their campaign starts with an anticipated clash on 3 October at Dhaka against Scotland, who marks as the debutants in the tournament, qualifying through the ICC Women’s T20 Qualifiers for the first time. Among all the other teams, Sultana expressed the most anticipation about confronting the West Indies. Bangladesh has crossed paths with West Indies in the T20 World Cups on three occasions, facing defeat each time. Despite this history, Sultana remained optimistic, viewing the upcoming clash as a potential highlight of the tournament.

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She stated, “We are not able to play against them so much. So looking forward to that, [They’ve] a lot of (good) T20 batters, so looking forward to that.”

Quotes sourced from ICC. 

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