Cricket Uganda distributes cricket equipment to women clubs

Cricket Uganda distributed cricket equipment to 17 secondary schools and 13 ladies’ cricket clubs to help them develop their game.

Uganda Women's Cricket team

The 13 women’s clubs receiving the equipment make up a league and are divided into two divisions. The first division includes six teams namely, Pioneer, Olila High School, Soroti Challengers, KICC, Jinja SSS and Aziz Damani. Divison two has seven teams including- Wanderers, Aziz Damani development, Tornado Bee, St John’s School, Gayaza High School, Premier Cricket Club and Ceylon Lions.

Cricket Uganda received the consignment of equipment from Australia’s Bankstown District Cricket Club. Since 2004, Bankstown collects cricket gear from the Bankstown community in Australia and sends it to Uganda to help them with their programs. In 2004, the team manager of the Australian under-19 team, Brian Freedman was touched to see a very talented Uganda team share equipment, and since then, he took it upon himself to collect and share the equipment every year.

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