How to make better cricket predictions and win big

The sports industry worldwide has seen a huge boom thanks to the surge in consumption of content and it is no different in the case of betting and predictions when it comes to cricket in particular. With the increase in the number of matches and formats. The start of different leagues in different regions of the world with viewership access has developed a strong interest in the viewers watching around in India and earning money through those predictions.

The number of people betting/predicting regularly in India is nearly 140M and it rises to as much as 370M in major events which is nearly 30% of the population out of which close to 80% of bets are involved in cricket matches and of all of them nearly 77% are in the age of 18-34. This has given rise to several sports betting platforms in the market and rightly so. In this article, we will look at the best practices one must keep in mind in order to get better at the prediction game.

No Bias

Coming to the point of how to make cricket match predictions as much accurate as possible, for this, several things have to be kept in consideration which firstly starts with the person themselves i.e. the person has to make sure that the match is predicted by thinking it in a neutral point of view. There isn’t any bias included behind the predictions.

Understanding Weather and Playing Conditions

Further ahead the cricket matches are affected in huge aspects because of the weather conditions which alter the playing conditions and then follow the field’s dimensions and pitch behaviour which again depends on the weather and soil. Based on the pitches the toss results are expected from which the following decisions can be predicted with the help of stats innings-wise.

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Understand of Platforms

With the increase in the usage of fantasy cricket apps and betting/prediction apps in India, there is vital competition for the users on the respective apps for which the user has to make sure to have good knowledge about cricket and to analyze the game well in a skilful manner to gauge around the playing XI and decide the best XI player of the 22 selected on the basis of their form, utility in the match, venue performance, stats against the opposition, fitness based on the workload in recent past, importance of the match in the respective series/tournament.

Statistical Analysis

While predicting the match result several parameters are required to be researched like head-to-head results of the 2 teams, recent team performance, form, strength, and weakness of the respective team against the opponent venue where the game is played and match outcomes in recent games played.

For in-match results like the of wickets taken or runs scored by the end of a particular over or predictions related to a specific delivery or over, the most important thing to be known is the match situation at that particular point, the player’s performance at that moment of the matches in overall and on past form and against the situation at the venue. To know how well the batter is comfortable with playing with a partner batter to score high or low and similarly with bowlers how often they are used to bowl in specific overs, their performance, and form.

Fantasy XI predictions are mainly based on all the match details and playing XI while the overall predictions of the match are based on the team’s overall and recent performance both and for in-match predictions the match situation at that moment.

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In cricket, getting the predictions right can get very tricky because of several unorthodox factors like unpredicted weather changes, players performing unexpectedly and coming back to form, and many other reasons but by using the cricket knowledge and analyzing it closely taking into consideration all the parameters required, the accuracy of the predictions can be increased significantly.

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