Global Wickets, Global Tickets: How The 2023 Cricket World Cup Is Wooing Audiences

October and November 2023, for cricket fans in India, this is pure nirvana. For that matter, it is bliss for supporters of every other cricketing nation appearing at this carnival of cricket too. Boasting supersize stadia holding 80,000 or more, a fervent, excitable, febrile, and almost deliriously obsessed domestic fan base, and a history in the sport that makes them true contenders to take the crown on home soil, India is primed, ready, and itching to get the first ball bowled and the first match underway. The atmosphere is already palpably exuberant, and the locals are enraptured.

Global Wickets, Global Tickets: How The 2023 Cricket World Cup Is Wooing Audiences. PC: Getty
Global Wickets, Global Tickets: How The 2023 Cricket World Cup Is Wooing Audiences. PC: Getty

So with such large venues, so many matches across the Indian landscape, and indeed so many other sports with which to contend on the global scale, how has this prestigious event managed to do in terms of ticket sales, network coverage deals, and online streaming agreements? Put it this way, in India, marketing is easy, the sports is quasi-religious and second to none in terms of popularity. 

To see just how well this event has been marketed, you can also take a look at the bookmakers. With any sporting event, the interest generated can be categorized by how much money has been wagered on it. Match-to-match, player-to-player, and even cricket-themed online casino games, are all part of the overall revenue streams that showcase how the event is popular in every way imaginable. For cricket lovers from Australia to England, Sri Lanka to New Zealand, and all cricket playing points between, audiences are being wooed. Let’s try and take a look at how this is all working out. 

Bowling Fans Over Cricket Marketing For Financial And Sporting Success

So just how is this translating into financial rewards, marketing successes, and the general well-being of the World Cup and cricket itself? Even with the betting options, the ticket sales, the merchandising opportunities, and the global marketing drive, it’s hard to put a figure on how much the event is worth. By this, I mean to both India as a host nation, but also to the game itself. When it comes to marketing, it’s about way more than ticket sales. The worldwide exposure of India as a tourist destination is worth its weight in gold, with matches beamed around the globe, built in adverts for this sub-continent nation. 

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One look at the cricket World Cup schedule shows how each host city has the chance to showcase what it offers, often to those who may not necessarily have considered it a holiday destination in the past. As can be said of any global sporting event, marketing is key to its success. Setting aside the obvious sell-out ticket sales (one would expect nothing else from such a cricket-made host nation fan base), the financial success of the 2023 Cricket World Cup has many elements and a diverse range of contributing factors. 

Much like other sports, the financial success and, by association, the growth of the sport is determined by multi-pronged marketing. From the images of sporting superstars to the success of a particular team, country, or franchise, cricket markets itself in a way that has catapulted it into the upper echelons of sporting success in terms of finance. Hosts India has already created the financial behemoth that is the Indian Premier League, with million-dollar payers, multimillion-dollar franchises, and worldwide coverage and revenue that is in the billions. With the 2023 World Cup of Cricket, the same strategies are being employed and deployed, with the sport itself being promoted and further in tandem with the money being made on the business side of the event. 

Watch And Learn: How Cricket Continues To Grow Beyond Traditional Boundaries

For the first time in the history of the sport, cricket is taking a major global tournament to the USA. 2024 sees the T20 Cricket World Cup being hosted stateside, a year after the inaugural Major League Cricket League was launched in various cities across America. For many sports, breaking into new markets is difficult. Breaking new sports in the already crowded and perhaps overcrowded American markets is seen as particularly challenging. But cricket is making its move, and it seems to be gaining traction. 

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For many other sports, the emergence of cricket into new, less traditional markets is something of a blueprint. Using a combination of savvy sports marketing, online coverage, network sports channel availability, merchandising, and harnessing the undoubted power of star players, cricket has started to get noticed in America. Established markets such as India, Australia, England, and the other ICC member nations are already lucrative for the sport, but growth is important, and inertia to be avoided. That’s why sports-made America is such a great potential marketplace. 

With the 2023 Cricket World Cup, there will be more coverage than ever in nations such as Canada, America, and parts of Europe, essentially regions where the sport is a smaller player on the world sporting stage. Naturally, coverage in cricketing nations will be as saturated as ever, and online streaming available to people from around the globe. Put simply, the global wickets that the World Cup will showcase, the global ticket sales it has already made, and the overall marketing drive that has captivated traditional and new audiences alike, are what is giving cricket the global attention that it so clearly deserves. 

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