How To Remain Safe In Women’s Cricket

Playing cricket can be as dangerous as any other sport. Although you might be professional and have years of experience, you never know when an injury or accident might take place.


Staying as safe as possible will guarantee that you can be risk-free of injury and continue playing without needing a break due to an injury. If you can remain playing without being injured, then you can maintain your performance and ensure that you never need to miss out on a match.

If you are a woman cricketer and want to remain as safe as possible while playing, here are some top tips.

Wear the correct gear

Wearing the correct cricket clothing will guarantee that you can remain as safe as possible.

If you are a batter or thrower in a cricket match and you do not wear the correct gear, then how do you expect to stay safe if a ball comes your way or you are battered by accident?

Wearing the correct cricket gear will guarantee to keep your body safe from injury when you are playing. Wearing cricket shoes, pads, and a mouth guard will help you stay as safe as possible, whether a ball comes your way or not.

Use the correct cricket equipment for any match

Whether you will playing cricket professionally or for fun, it is important to use the correct cricket equipment so that you and the team can remain safe whilst playing.

For instance, using a different ball other than a cricket ball. It might not be the best answer when you are batting as you might not be able to hit it properly. Or, if you use an old or damaged ball and it is hit incorrectly it could seriously hurt someone. Preventing injury in cricket is essential if you want to remain safe and be able to continuously play.

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Furthermore, using the correct cricket equipment or guarantee to make your team look professional. Using old equipment can be more cost-effective, however, investing in new equipment will ensure to enhance your team’s safety and guarantee to make you appear professional. 

Partake in regular training

Another smart way to remain safe in women’s cricket is to partake in regular training so that you can be constantly updated on the safety rules and regulations. The more training you partake in, the more professional you can become. You can guarantee to hone your skills and use them to improve your results. 

Make your coach aware if you have an injury or health concern

Whether you have an injury or health issue is important to make your coach aware of it so that you can either sit out of the game or adjust your playing techniques to remain as safe and healthy as possible.

Even if you have had a migraine for the past 24 hours, letting them know will ensure that you pursue the best measures when playing cricket so that you can remain safe. 

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