Who will win group “A” Women’s EuroBasket 2023: Preview

The 2023 Women’s Basketball Championship will be held in Slovenia and Israel from June 15 to 25 this year. 16 teams will take part in the competition, which will be divided into four groups. The teams that take first place will advance to the 1/4 finals, and the teams that finish in the quartet on the second and third lines will start their way to the playoffs from 1/8.


The national teams of Spain, Greece, Latvia, and Montenegro are fighting for first place in Group A. By studying the form of each of these teams, as well as their results in the qualifying round, it is possible to determine much more precisely who is more likely to be at the top of the quartet.


The “White-Red-Yellow” looked confident in the qualification and were the first in the “C” quartet. The team of Miguel Mendez was able to be higher than the Hungarians, Icelanders, and Romanians, while winning all the fights. At the same time, Spain overtook the second Hungary by two credit points. Given the results, the team should not be surprised that the Spaniards had the strongest attack and defense in the four. Throwing an average of 90 points in four quarters, Marion Ortiz and her partners missed fifty.

Spaniards have become European champions four times in history, the last two times in 2017 and 2019. In 2021, the “white-red-yellow” did not get into the medals and now they will try to perform more confidently. If you want to bet on the Women’s Basketball Euro 2023 and also like to play in the casino, then we recommend that you do it at Pinup casino India.

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“White-blue” in the qualifying round played in the quartet “G” and took first place. Great Britain, Portugal and Estonia managed to get ahead of Greece. Having won five victories, the Greeks lost on the road to the Portuguese with a score of 60:66. It should also be noted that the wards of Petros Prekos had not the best attack and defense in the top four. In addition, with a double-digit difference in points, Anna Stamolampru and the company won extremely rarely.

The Greek women rarely beat their opponents devastatingly, but in terms of play they look very confident and are able to impose a fight even on formidable opponents. However, it will be difficult for the White-Blues to get ahead of the Spaniards. At the same time, Anna Stamolapru and her partners are unlikely to be able to reach the playoffs from the first line.


“White-Reds” in the qualifying round played in group “J” in which there were three teams and took first place. The Latvians managed to get ahead of Israel and Sweden, having won the maximum possible number of victories in the trio. It should also be noted that the wards of Martins Gulbis had the best attack and defense. On average, Latvia scored a little more than 75 points per game, and conceded exactly 66 points each. Now Kitija Laksa and her teammates will also try to play confidently in the final stage of the competition.

The women’s national basketball team of Latvia has come across a difficult group and it will be almost impossible to win it. At the same time, the White-Reds are quite capable of being in the top three and trying to get further into the playoffs already from the 1/8 final stage.

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“White-red-yellow” in the selection played in group “F” and managed to take first place. Montenegro outstripped Denmark and Austria. At the same time, the lead from the Danes was one point, and from the Austrians two. Having won three victories, Montenegrins in the final round lost in overtime to the Danish basketball players. Although in the tournament plan, that game did not decide anything. The wards of Elena Shkerovich had the second-strongest attack in the top three and the best defense, which conceded 63 points per game on average.

In the FIBA ranking, Montenegro is in the 21st place, that is, above the Latvians. At the same time, Montenegrins cannot be sure that they will be in the top three. Still, the opponents of the “white-red-yellow” are uncompromising.

Our forecast

Latvians and Montenegrins, most likely, will compete for third place in the quartet and one of the tickets to the 1/8 finals. The Greeks look preferable to Latvia and Montenegro and are quite capable of being on the second line, yet it is unlikely that they will be able to impose a fight on the Spaniards “white-blue”. The victory in the group is likely to be won by Spain, which has a strong line-up that works well in terms of play.

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