Why Tennis Predictions are becoming so popular?

Tennis is one of the most popular sports that is played across the world. Statistically speaking, it is the second-most popular sport behind football. Apart from the four Grand Slams, Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open, there are plenty of other marquee tennis tournaments played all around the year in different countries. The tennis players have earned incredible stardom due to their overwhelming fan following. Be it Pete Sampras or John McEnroe from the yesteryears or Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal of recent times, these tennis stars have enjoyed immense popularity.  



Given the craze for tennis, predicting the match results has become very common. The tennis buffs use different strategies and software to predict the match results. While there are a number of portals that offer daily tennis predictions for matches played in various competitions across the globe, TennisStats247 is one of the front-runners in this domain. If you need match-winner betting tips, this should be your go-to platform It offers free daily tennis predictions for matches played in tournaments all over the world. All tennis tips listed on this page are for the matches scheduled for the current date, with more predictions available for the upcoming games.

Use of advanced technology

TennisStats247 uses state-of-the-art technology to produce predictions. It is an algorithm-based system which studies the probabilities to come out with betting tips.

Free of cost

All tennis predictions provided by TennisStats247 are free to use. However, the portal does not guarantee the actual match result. It is also important to note that sports betting is a gambling activity, and there is always a sword of losing hanging over the users’ heads.

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Comprehensive Database 

TennisStats247 boasts of a complex database created from years of historical data and new data that comes up every day from different tennis tournaments. Such a comprehensive database is used to produce predictions and result probabilities for every tennis match.

Now, having understood a fair bit about tennis prediction and some of the important features of TennisStats247, let us look at why tennis predictions are becoming so popular.  

First, betting on tennis is relatively easier as it involves just two players or, at maximum, four players in the case of doubles or mixed doubles. Unlike betting on other sports, like football or cricket or kabaddi, which involves multiple players, betting on tennis is therefore easier. Second, tennis allows you to bet on multiple things, including match results, set results, game results, etc. This diversity makes tennis one of the most popular betting sports. Third, undertaking research on players and forming strategies is feasible since only two or four players are involved in tennis. Apart from these factors, there could be several other things that make tennis betting popular.

With each passing day, the size of the online sports betting market is seeing an uptick, and tennis is the second-highest contributor. Tennis may not be one of the most widely played sports, but its popularity in viewership and betting is immense.

Have you tried your hand at online tennis betting? If not, TennisStats247 eagerly looks forward to hosting you on its platform.

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