How is Mentalization Therapy positively impacting lives in today’s day and age?

In today’s competitive world, sports which were once upon a time considered to be friendly and innocuous has now become a supremely challenging profession. There is cut-throat competition all around. You get only a few chances at the top level and if you fail to perform, you are out of the reckoning within a blink of an eye.

Considering the rat race that has almost become an inevitable part of professional sport, the sportspersons and athletes are arguably under tremendous pressure every time they take the field. There is a lot at stake and the repercussions of under-performance are really bad.


Struggling with Anxiety. PC:
Struggling with Anxiety. PC:


The performance pressure which is a part and parcel of the process can get the better of anyone. In the previous article, international athletes who battled with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues were highlighted. Most of these players were forced to quit the game they loved the most because of these problems. However, it is important to note that somehow they managed to overcome this disorder and are now leading a better life.

Mental health is a very sensitive topic and if not handled with care can lead to adverse situations. Take, for example, Tripura’s Ayanti Reang and Mumbai’s Karan Tiwari. These are the two cricketers who died by suicide last year. Though there is no official word with respect to the cause of suicide in Reang’s case, the reason for Mumbai fast bowler taking this drastic step was that he was upset because he was not picked up by any of the IPL franchises.

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So, could these two budding cricketers have given themselves another chance? Probably yes. Addressing the mental health issues can be possible if the affected practices Mentalization therapy. Here’s the exact URL: to know more about it.

The importance of these therapeutic techniques is increasing day by day, courtesy the competitive nature of sports. Just as you have coaches for skills and training, it is becoming essential that you have the right coaches for developing your mental health. Success and failure are the two sides of the same coin. When you play a sport at the elite level, it is necessary that you are able to handle both. It is in a way a double-edged sword. Too much of either is not good. Therefore, in these times, the role of mental conditioning trainers cannot be ignored.

It is often said in the world of cricket, “You need to have a good head above your shoulders”. In order to ensure that you comply with this adage, it is important that you train your mind as equally as your body, and what better can be used than Mentalization therapy to achieve this?
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