5 Major Reasons for the Rise of Sports Betting in India

India is one of those Asian countries that love sports; in particular, many people in the country love male and female cricket. Besides sports, many Indians love to gamble on sports. Today, sports betting is not only one of the most popular trends but also a growing industry in the country.

Indian Cricket fans enjoying World Cup 2022. (Photo by Phil Walter-ICC/ICC via Getty Images)
Indian Cricket fans enjoying World Cup 2022. (Photo by Phil Walter-ICC/ICC via Getty Images)


While gambling has been part of India’s culture for a long time, in recent years, wagering on sports has become increasingly popular in India.

Despite matters concerning the legality of sports betting in India, the sports betting industry remains one of the country’s vibrant business sectors. Lately, much talk has been on the lips of many concerning the legal issues surrounding sports betting in India. Still, despite this fact, India’s online sports betting industry keeps growing and becoming even more popular among citizens.

Even better is that the future of India’s sports betting looks bright. According to recent estimates, the local gambling market is currently worth around 60 billion USD (4,872,930,000,000 Indian Rupee). But why is the surge of sports betting in India despite sports betting existing in somewhat a grey area in India?

Today, India is home to many sports betting enthusiasts. Significant factors that have facilitated the continued growth of sports betting in India include:

Increased usage of mobile handsets

Recent statistics show that smartphone usage in India went over 740 million in 2020. Today, there are over 1.7 billion smartphone users, and many Indian bettors use such phones to place sports bets. Indians spend one-third of their day on smartphones, and many sports betting operators understand this trend.

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Many sports betting sites that accept Indian players have websites or apps that are convenient and easy to use on smartphone devices, attracting many punters. It’s safe to say that many Indians spend more time on mobile handsets than laptops or computers. With the help of a mobile device, it’s easy to place bets and follow updates on several sports-based websites.

Rapid internet connectivity in India

Girls playing cricket in Rural areas. PC: unfpa.org
Girls playing cricket in Rural areas. PC: unfpa.org


India’s internet penetration rate is impressive. Internet penetration in the country increased to nearly 47% in 2021, from a small percentage of just about 4% in 2007. With good internet connectivity, it becomes easier to do many things with little effort, which is the case for online sports betting.

With the internet, individuals can quickly access many online betting sites and easily access many mobile apps available for download, making ease of access even better.

India’s internet connectivity is better than before, and many are switching to undertake much of their activities online, sports betting being one of them. Online sports betting is straightforward and advantageous for many players. Shopping for odds online is easy as it takes less time to jump from one bookmaker to the next. Variety is something that many bettors enjoy since it’s easy to place different bet types on a single match.

The internet has also helped enhance in-play or live betting in India. In-game betting is a competitive type of gambling as odds are available for a short time as the match progresses, something that bettors can enjoy without too much difficulty.

High chances of fully legalised sports betting in India

Sports betting (offline and online) isn’t illegal in India, though sports betting exists in what one can term a grey area. You can’t find specific laws prohibiting Indians from accessing online sports betting sites based in jurisdictions where online betting on sports is legal.

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India views wagering on sports as unlawful, meaning betting sites must be located outside India’s jurisdictions for them to be legal. However, judging by the rapid rise of Indian citizens wagering on sports online, there’s a big possibility that India is on its way to having a fully legalised online sports betting industry soon.

Cricket Betting Sites in India
Cricket Betting Sites in India

The popularity of football and cricket in India

Cricket and football are two of the most popular sports in India, and their increasing popularity has been a positive catalyst for widening India’s betting business. Cricket and football have boosted India’s sports betting space by featuring several famous sportspersons patronizing a website or particular app that promote sports betting.

It’s unclear how big India’s sports betting industry would be without cricket and football, but it wouldn’t be as popular and vibrant as it is today in the country if it weren’t for football and cricket.

Increased promotion and marketing

Lately, betting-related advertisements have filled up most sports channels in India, bringing in more traffic. The continuous marketing and promotion of apps and websites attract many bettors, especially during crucial matches.

Today, you can easily find several review betting sites, like the famous www.bettingsites24.in, showing live cricket Satta rates while providing free tips to aid in betting.

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