Female Cricket is About To Become Among Top Kinds of Sports in India

Many people around the world might have heard about cricket because it was once the most popular sport in England. No summer season could have been imaginable without it. But it was also quickly adopted by a number of other countries, including India. It attracts millions of views on local television and other kinds of sports, like hockey or basketball are not even close to the ratings that cricket demonstrates in the country at the moment. For some people it is even more like a religion, they cannot imagine their lives without having an opportunity to bet on cricket at BetWinner, play it, or simply watch it on TV. Fans are loving mega stars in this industry. 



What is even more important, this sport becomes more versatile, thanks to the growing popularity of female variants of cricket competitions. They now have much higher views on TV and many platforms are participating to get a license to provide their live streams of every event that is a part of female cricket tournaments. The reason why this kind of cricket is so popular is that it allows the team to build strong teams of players thanks to the flexibility of rules. But what is even more important, every player contributes to the victory. It requires team building and a strict training plan to make sure that a particular team will be ready for a challenge. 

The Increasing Popularity of Female Cricket in India

Many people who have been watching cricket for years, might remember how the Indian female cricket team won in the Asia Cup in Bangladesh. It was surprising to see how many people attended the stadium in order to support their teams. This completely makes sense, considering how many people in this country are obsessed with this kind of sport. Besides, it is possible to use websites like betbuzz365live in order to make some bets online and earn money from your favorite hobby. It feels like a total steal for many people in the world and an obvious choice of how to support the team they truly love. Especially when they have won the first silver medal for the country. 

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Girls playing cricket in Rural areas. PC: unfpa.org
Girls playing cricket in Rural areas. PC: unfpa.org


But despite the overall popularity of the sport, the female version was not as demanded, as the male one. It is more of a historical standard that was finally broken. It is in fact a great chance for many people to finally get an opportunity to see more female events. According to the statistics that were published by BT Sports, female cricket has become much more popular in the last couple of years. It is now close to the all-time in India and aims to become the top-performing female version of any kind of sport in the whole world. It is indeed a very good result that was highlighted during a conference “NATCON 2022” that was held in Abu Dhabi in the last few weeks. 

According to the Chairman of the local property consulting company, the increase in popularity is the result of the nice performance that was demonstrated by top female teams in the last few years. But it is only the beginning because the results of players are only to become even better. Everyone was surprised by the performance of many female teams at the Commonwealth Games and this is about to become the new reality of modern sports entertainment and cricket in particular. The next 3 years are about to become life-changing for the industry and it is very interesting to look at how it is going to revolutionize cricket for generations to come. 

Contribution To The Global Economy

Cricket starts to become an even bigger thing for the global market of sports entertainment because the female version finally starts to generate a lot of money. According to the information that was found on the internet, there are a couple of things that indicate how profitable the male alternative has become:

  • Millions of views on events that are shown on TV;
  • Certain female players are becoming celebrities on social media platforms;
  • Betting websites are ordering ADS for upcoming female cricket events because people are interested in placing a bet on them. 
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All of these indicators show one thing – people are truly excited about upcoming events that are about to happen as a part of the cricket industry. Not only in India, but in the whole world. Very exciting time to become a fan and start watching every upcoming game, because it is filled with action and players that have their own attitude and character. Right now, cricket has become the second most profitable sport with contributions to the global economy. Only soccer generates more money than them. 

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