The best ways to make money on cricket betting

The popularity of online betting and gambling is increasing all the time, and it is not surprising. Today, everyone has a smartphone, which accesses all the services provided by online institutions. Most of them are available as an application and are very functional. If we talk about online casinos, you can enjoy playing casino poker online along with baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and other exciting games. The same concerns online betting – there are numerous websites and applications where you can make a bet from your home in a matter of minutes.


At this stage in the development of the sports industry, basketball and soccer are globally famous and deservedly loved. You can play sports-themed slots at casino chile online or bet on this sport in almost any bookmaker’s office. However, there are no less curious, but, at the same time, not so popular areas, which are no worse.

Cricket is a non-contact sport of the ball and bat family of games. It originated in the south of Britain in the XVI century. In less than 200 years, cricket has become a national sport. The expansion of the British Empire helped spread the game far beyond the borders of Foggy Albion. It became trendy in India, Pakistan, Australia, and South Africa.

In 1900, the discipline was included in the Olympics for the first time, but never again in the Olympics. Nine years later, the International Cricket Council emerged, bringing together just over 100 national federations. But it never became part of the Olympics. Matches could last up to 5 days, which made it unsuitable for the Olympics, which are on a very tight schedule.

The basic theory of the game comes down to the fact that on the grass field against each other, two teams, each of which acts for 11 athletes. Teams take turns hitting the ball with bats, trying to score points, and trying to prevent the opponents from doing so. The game has no time limit. The basic principles of cricket resemble a baseball. The key players are the bowler (a pitcher) and batsman (a batter).

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The main types of cricket bets

Gambling and betting are not the same things as some people may think. The first concept is broader and reflects everything that refers to the world of online gambling, and the second – is only to sports betting and betting in a bookmaker’s office. In the lines of these offices, the game is represented by a vast selection of bets, which include the main and additional outcomes. For the most prestigious tournaments and leagues, exotic types of bets are provided. For example, which team will win the toss? In this case, you must choose the team that will take the ball first.

  • The main result

In level 1 cricket, a tie result is possible. Due to this, wagers are made on the first team to win (P1), the second team to win (P2), and a draw (X). Interest is also possible in test matches, so the “Outcome” market offers three more options. In all other circumstances, it is only feasible to forecast whether one team will win or lose.

  • Double chance

This wagering choice is only available for contests that could end in a draw. There are three possible outcomes: The first team will win with a 1X, the second team will win with a 2X, and there won’t be a draw with a 12X.

  • Total

It is betting on the number of injuries in the match. It is also possible to bet on the result within a certain period of the game, for example, after 10 overs.

  • Asian Handicap

It is a prediction of a victory of one of the teams taking into account handicap, which in turn can be zero, plus, or minus.

  • Individual total
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Betting on how many runs a team will score in a specific part of the match, for example, the first 10 overs.

  • Best Bowler

Bettting on the best bowler of the game.

  • Best Batsman

Same bet as above, but on the batsman only.

  • Winner of Tournament

Early Bets on Tournament Winner.

  • Draw

Guess which team will be the runner-up.

How to bet on cricket and win


Any little thing can affect the event’s outcome, so don’t overlook essential points about the composition of cricket teams, weather conditions, field coverage, etc., before the match. Professional forecasters use different strategies in betting. To increase their chances of winning, the bettor should consider 5 key factors:

1. The result of the draw

The team that attacks first almost always has the advantage. It conducts the attack with a new ball, and it is easier for the batsman to kick it on a clean, unworn field area.

2. Type of cover on the pitch

The surface can be either earthen or turf. The ball’s acceleration after hitting the field of play depends on this—for example, slow surfaces in Cape Town and fast surfaces in Perth.

3. Match duration

In first-level cricket, live betting is particularly valuable. For better information and a more accurate prediction, you need to consider pitch and ball wear and tear, athlete productivity, and weather conditions.

4. Air humidity

The air is rarefied and low-humidity at high arenas, affecting ball flight speed. Players like such arenas; they try to spin the ball as hard as possible.

5. The shape of the players

It would be best if you considered the productivity of players on both teams, their composition, and their ability to adapt to new weather conditions, playing on a field with an unfamiliar surface.

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