Earn Up to ₹1 CR with Rario’s New Pack Drop on 8th August 2022

A quick whitewash in the Rario’s recently launched never-seen-before player card pack drop had many not get hands on one and also there were many such who despite reserving couldn’t bag one due to its limited counts. To all those upset fans who missed out on a chance last time around, here’s an opportunity to redeem yourself.


Earn Up to ₹1 CR with Rario's New Pack Drop on 8th August 2022
Earn Up to ₹1 CR with Rario’s New Pack Drop on 8th August 2022

When is Rario’s New Pack Dropping?

How? Rario, the world’s largest cricket NFT platform is all set to be back with another pack drop on August 8. You for sure don’t want to be missing out on these richly designed exclusive player cards so without any further delay schedule an alarm for the 8th of August to avoid being disappointed again as a whitewash for the pack drop is on the cards.

Want a reason more to not miss out this time? Well, the drop will remain constant featuring players who’ll be taking part in the upcoming edition of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) but what’s new this time is that it will be available at a cheaper price as the categories of cards in this drop are Silver and Bronze and it is so because Rario cares for each one of you other there waiting to get hands-on one this one-of-a-kind.

Prize Money?

They really are one-of-a-kind as you stand a chance to win prizes upto INR 1 crore as these player cards are going to be your key to entering the Cricket Strategy Game which is a tool that is here to revolutionize the cricket gaming experience forever.

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How can you earn?

Excited about the prizes, aren’t you? Then be eligible to play this game by owing Rario’s player card NFTs. Those with cards, you’ll be able to join eligible contests in the D3 game for FREE and also win different prizes including the Rario NFTs. Want more? Here’s a bonus, as cardholders you will be able to enter the different contests using the same cards provided the cards eligibility meet.

Who hates big winning, here’s a tip, the player cards are available in different tiers so, the higher the tier of your cards, the more your chances of winning the prizes.

Cricket Carnival Packs

The cricket carnival advantage pack featuring 3 BRONZE and 3 SILVER cards will be available at $25 (INR 2000) and the cricket carnival debut pack featuring 6 BRONZE cards will be available at $9 (INR 700).

With this packdrop, the lowest tier of cards is now open which provides you with a great entry point and with reservations for the pack drop currently ON, waste no more time, head over to www.rario.com and reserve your packs NOW.

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