Ins and Outs of Cricket Betting

Betting on cricket on the internet is as clear as a mud for many bettors because of the steadlong rules. Players can have the best results in some competitions and become outsiders in others. There’s still a lot to consider to make sure the bets don’t turn out to be a loser. But in any case, the possibility of winning a decent amount of money remains.



Besides, you can have an eagle eye on Betwinner India, it’s your top-notch guide to the betting world. After passing a quick and hassle-free registration, you can place bets on your favorite sporting disciplines. Wide coverage of events, the best odds, and responsive customer support is waiting for you.

Cricket is held in several formats. Most players are adapted to each of them at once but in different ways. The bettor must take into account a bunch of nuances, without this it is impossible to build a correct prediction.

The best example of nuances is that athletes from India are more likely to lose on away trips to distant countries (their ball bounce is relatively lower). Plus, climatic conditions vary from country to country. In general, Australian athletes are versatile.

Unfortunately, cricket is one of the first places in the number of rigged matches. Beginning to study the features of cricket betting, you need to pay attention to the behavior of athletes in certain circumstances. How they tolerate moves, climate change, a change in the format of the rules, and more. All this helps to understand the statistics.

Cricket is a team sport, but success depends on the individual actions of each participant. Everyone is able to do something unusual and turn the tide of the competition. It is important to understand these athletes and make the right bets, taking into account the composition of the teams.

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Types of cricket bets

  • Betting on the outcome of the match. In test cricket matches, a draw is possible, so there are three options for betting on the outcome of the match. In one-day matches and Twenty20, bookmakers suggest betting only on the winner, without a draw.
  • Betting on the total. Total in cricket is the number of wounds for a certain period of the game (for the entire match, for 5, 10, or 15 overs). Bookmakers offer to bet on the total and individual totals (separately for each team).
  • Handicap betting. Handicap betting in cricket is no different from other sports, where before the start of the match the bookmaker determines the plus / minus handicap for the teams, and the bettor decides what suits him best.

Since the number of cricket betting is very low, bookmakers do not consider it necessary to have strong (highly paid) analysts on their staff, so their lines on the sport are very weak and often based on dry statistics taken from the Internet. If you pay enough attention to watch cricket games and study the sport in depth, you can catch bookies at their mistakes and make good money on it


You should not bet money if you are not sure of the outcome, otherwise, it turns into a lottery. But there are those who approach the case professionally. Everyone has their own strategy for betting on cricket, developed through experience. Universal techniques do not exist, you need to analyze the team, collect statistics, and based on this, make predictions.

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If you have a good understanding of sports, try earning money by selling sports forecasts. Cricket is a complicated game, but pretty interesting on the other side. Top-notch bookmakers take bets on cricket, and you can watch the events on television or on the Internet.


What is the best cricket strategy?

Frankly speaking, there’s no single win-win betting strategy. Bettors should place bets on this sport according to their own preferences and knowledge.

What country is known for the biggest number of cricket fans?

India is a hegemon when it comes to cricket. It’s the most popular and sought-after betting discipline in the country. It’s level above soccer and other sports. Indian bettors are head over heels from this sport.

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