Rario’s all-new pack drop is here: What to do next?

The wait finally comes to an end as Rario’s all-new pack drop is here– going live at exactly 8 PM tonight (July 15). Have you reserved a spot? I hope you have! Now, what to do next? 


Cricket Carnival Pack Drop
Cricket Carnival Pack Drop


Keep an eye on your mailbox– you will receive a notification at around 8 PM with all the details about buying the pack you have reserved. You must be excited to have these packs? Aren’t you?

Well, so are we! This pack drop that features player cards is the first of its kind and you are going to be one of the rarest lucky cricket fans to have them! Not only can you flaunt this rare collection but these player cards are ultimately going to help you win big. You already know how. Don’t you?

Rario’s exciting ‘Cricket Strategy Game’ is going to be launched with the start of the upcoming Caribbean Premier League (CPL). You can use these cards and your cricket knowledge to take home huge rewards! How many and how top-level cards you own are going to determine the number of levels you unlock in the game. So, you know what to buy– black and gold ones, obviously! 

This pack drop was specially designed for Rario’s community but those who missed an opportunity to reserve it need not feel disheartened. It surely is just the beginning as Rario is going to come up with many more pack drops in the upcoming days. While without a doubt this was your best chance with this drop not being marketed globally, you could still get an opportunity later on.

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Rario’s forthcoming drops will be launched and marketed worldwide in partnership with Dream Sports– meaning there would doubtlessly be a lot of competition but if you are keen enough, you will find your way. 

For more details on this pack drop and upcoming ones, stay tuned to www.rario.com and www.medium.com/rario 

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