“Except for not winning the World Cup, I have got no regrets,” says Mithali Raj

Tomorrow, the 15th of July 2021 is a huge day for cricket fans and especially, the icon of the great game and former skipper, Mithali Raj herself who has her biopic, Shaabash Mithu due to release tomorrow. Mithali Raj on 14th July, a day before the big release spent time on Twitter answering the questions that came her way in an #AskMithali segment. Mithali shared views on life post-retirement, food, Women’s IPL, her biopic releasing tomorrow, and a lot more.


Shabaash Mithu First Look: Taapsee Pannu as Mithali Raj (courtesy taapsee)
Shabaash Mithu First Look: Taapsee Pannu as Mithali Raj (courtesy taapsee)


Ahead of the big release a lot of best wishes poured in Mithali’s way. To a fan’s question asking why to watch Shaabash Mithu, Mithali replied, “Many times in life people need a little push and motivation to pursue their dreams. I’m hoping watching the film, many people will take their first step towards it.”

Actor, Taapsee Pannu who’s playing the role of Mithali Raj in her biopic received high praise as to the question of a fan on saying something about ShaabashMithu movie and Taapsee Pannu, Mithali replied, “Reminiscing my life journey through Shaabash Mithu has been an emotional ride for me and the way Taapsee has played the role is beyond exceptional.”

To a fan’s question on Inayat, playing the role of Mithali’s childhood had high praises shared again commenting “Inayat is a little ball of fire, full of energy and cuteness. She is a great artist. You will love her in the film.”

Mithali to a fan’s questions on how she feels about her own film wrote, “I love how the film captures my journey and I hope it will encourage many young talents especially women to take up sport as a career.”

To a question from Vishal Yadav Founder and CEO at Female Cricket) asking Mithali Raj to name her favorite song from the movie Shaabash Mithu had the legend reply, “Hindustan meri jaan hai.”

Mithali Raj has recently announced her retirement from international cricket and she did share a little about what is life-like. To a question asking Mithali if she’s missing the cricket and being in the thick of things yet or if it’ll some time for retirement to sink in had Mithali answer, “Except for not winning the World Cup, I have got no regrets. Taking retirement was not a sudden decision. I will always be in service of the sport. Just roles change. Equally exited for what lies ahead.”

To a user ask about how she is spending time and how difficult has it been had Mithali reply, “I am keeping very busy. Not at all difficult when you are not mentally ready. I have always been goal oriented. The goal was World Cup. Every phase has to be approached optimistically and with renewed vigour. There is so much to do. Just roles change.”

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On the best and worst part of retirement, Mithali Raj replied, “Let me put it like this… one chapter has led into the other. Of course, there is nothing like playing for your country but I’m equally excited about the avenues that lie ahead in pursuit for growing & service to the sports.

To a question asking Mithali the first thing she did/still do after retiring – any indulgence/habit/food had Mithali reply, ” Eat Jalebis and Noodles.”

With the Commonwealth Games nearing, Mithali Raj shared her views. To a question on India’s chances at the Games had the former skipper reply, “I think India has great potential to do well in the Games. We have a reasonably good pool. We should make it to the semis. Thereafter in the knockouts, it’s anyones game who plays well on a particular day.”

A user asked Mithali how much it means for the growth of the game of women’s game to be included in the Games schedule had Mithali replied back stating, “Particularly for women’s cricket I think it’s great. There is a different fan base for the commonwealth games because it has several disciplines of sports and the introduction of cricket will help tap into that fan base.”

Mithali Raj expressed her views on the longtime awaited, launch of Women’s IPL. To a user question on the benefit of W(omen)IPL, former skipper replied, “Wipl will have a huge boost to women’s cricket. One of the biggest benefits will be that the talent pool will increase and the transition for a domestic player to an international will become easier. Rubbing shoulders with international stars helps in doing that.”

Mithali Raj also shared her liking for a sport other than cricket by stating, “Tennis. Big fan of Roger Federer and (Rafa) Nadal.” Mithali Raj also shared that her autobiography is likely to be released early next year.

To a question about who inspires you and why had Mithali answer, “Sacrifice of my parents. They have given everything to me where I am today. The hard work of our current leadership led by our Hon. PM. They have set an example of services and dedication which is unprecedented.”

In a bit of advice to youth and young girls, Mithali replied, “Whatever you choose to do in life, do it wholeheartedly. There are no shortcuts to success. When you achieve success stay grounded. There is a lot that happens for you to achieve something but doesn’t allow yourself to be consumed by it , rather stay focused on your path.”

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