Can the UAE Team Win the ACC Women’s T20 Championship?

Have you been watching the recent cricket tournaments? All eyes are on the ACC Women’s T20 championship. This event, which will run from the 17th to the 25th of June 2022, is a qualifier for the 2022 Women’s Twenty20 Asia Cup, which will take place in October 2022. Thus, all the 10 teams that have made it to this tournament will be putting their best foot forward, hoping to head home with the trophy. And with such anticipation, the odds are pretty competitive, and anyone who wants to get in on the action can start shopping for the best online betting offers. That will set you up for a good win if you can back your wager with more than a hunch. And that is where the research comes in – can UAE clinch this win? Let’s find out:


UAE Women's Cricket Team celebrating a win during ACC Women's Championship in Malaysia. PC: ACCMedia1 / Twitter
UAE Women’s Cricket Team celebrating a win during ACC Women’s Championship in Malaysia. PC: ACCMedia1 / Twitter

Who Are the Contenders?

Before honing in on whether UAE can secure a win, we must consider who it will be up against. The event, which will have 10 participants, will have two squads. The first, which includes the UAE, will also have Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, and Singapore. The other squad features Bahrain, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Kuwait, and Nepal. UAE will only play against the teams in its squad, and we can thus focus on these.

Malaysia, an associate ICC member, ranks 31st in the T20 rankings after 16 matches with 823 points. It has an advantage as the host nation, and this will propel its motivation to work hard to appease its fans. The team is not new to wins and walked away with a bronze medal in the 2017 Southeast Asian Games. While the team may have recently acquired its full ICC status, it has been leaving a mark since it played its first game against India in the T20 Asia Cup. It now hopes to use this chance to make it to the 2023 ICC T20 World Cup and will be motivated to prove its strengths. Moreover, the team has recently made strides in its lineup after fully onboarding 15 players in 2021.

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Oman has long stood with the ICC and has been an affiliate member since 2000, a position it graduated to associate member in 2014. It ranks behind Malaysia at 39th position with 5 matches and 129 points to its name. While its ranking is yet to improve, the team has maintained a balance between its wins and losses, pointing to increased investment in its cricket gameplay.

Qatar is a worthy opponent, though it currently ranks 50th with 5 matches and 14 points to its name. This ICC associate member has previously ranked 24th in the rankings. As such, it might use this tournament as a stepping stone to get to what it used to be. Moreover, this will not be the first dance between this team and the UAE. The two had previously met in a final in 2015, where UAE walked away as the winner. Qatar might thus use this opportunity to reclaim that title which makes it quite the team to watch. The two will face off on the 22nd of June 2022, and the tension is already rife as this will be the match that settles the first squad.

When Singapore first played against Malaysia, the team lost by 58 runs. Ever since then, the team has worked to gain a better ranking. And in its last match against Malaysia, it managed to clinch two wins out of the six. It has also made its mark in the ACC T20 games. Back in 2009, the team emerged 5th out of the 12 teams. It beat Iran, Thailand, Qatar, Bhutan, and Malaysia. And it might be looking to regain this kind of streak now that the championship has been on a hiatus.

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And finally, we get to the UAE. This team is on a roll. In 2022 alone, they have played 9 matches and won all the games, showing that they are willing to do the work. The rankings also favor them, as they now rank 15th with 1,406 points after 11 games. They want the top spot and are not holding back on their vigor.

Can UAE Qualify?

Of course, it can! Based on the statistics, this team has what it takes as it is yards ahead of the competition. Besides, it has all the traits that make it a good fit for the lead, including:

  • Motivation,
  • Hard work, and
  • Adaptability.

It also boasts a strong team of cricketers who have perfected their art. And that is the recipe for a winning team. So, yes, backing this team would be a good choice. But watching a few games before making a move would be advisable. Good luck!

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