Stories of Women Cricket Players that will really Interest You

With the constant development in cricket and the introduction of new gaming systems, men’s cricket has gone a long way. But equal to men, the women’s cricket team has also been giving rise to phenomenal players in recent years. 

Their struggle to achieve a place in the team is real. Here are some of the leading female cricketers who succeeded not just in their game but in their life too. 

Stories of The Top 5 Women Cricket Players

Before reading these inspiring stories, let us tell you that these players achieved greatness with hard work. And by being productive in their hard work.

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Now let’s get back to the stories of famous players of cricket:

1. Sophie Molineux

Sophie Molineux celebrating a Wicket. PC:
Sophie Molineux celebrating a Wicket. PC:


Born in Australia, Sophie Molineux rose to fame through cricket. This 24-year-old champion is a left-arm orthodox bowling all-rounder from the Australian Cricket team. 

Who is the fastest female cricket bowler? Sophie Molineux is not the fastest but one of the best bowlers.

In 2020, she delivered her initial performance by trapping three wickets and scoring 80 runs against the opposing team. Despite the shoulder injury in 2019 and a corked thigh in 2020, she worked hard to become a reason for success in her group. 

Her previous Australian coach, John Harmer, supported her talent and became the private mentor that allowed her to achieve her gold right from her junior years.

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Sophie has played an essential role in the Australian women’s cricket team as a bowler and all-rounder. 

2. Laura Wolvaardt

Laura Wolvaardt in ICC Women's Cricket World Cup. PC: ICC/Getty Images
Laura Wolvaardt in ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup. PC: ICC/Getty Images


Laura Wolvaardt is one of the youngest and best South African women’s cricket players. This 23-year-old opening batter plays for Adelaide strikers, Barmy Army, South Africa women, and Western Province women teams. 

She has played for the teams with multiple match records on her hat ever since her debut in 2016 against England. 

Laura also excels in education since she graduated from Parklands College in 2017 with a top rank in her class. She was named one of the best women cricketers of the year in 2020 and has received multiple accolades. 

Her interest in pursuing medicine as her interest in cricket interrupted her career. She played nearly 64 different International matches before the age of 20.

3. Harmanpreet Kaur

Harmanpreet Kaur played a match-winning knock of 171 Runs against Australia in 2017 Women's World Cup
Harmanpreet Kaur played a match-winning knock of 171 Runs against Australia in 2017 Women’s World Cup


Harmanpreet Kaur is a name that you might have often heard if you are a follower of women’s cricket. This 33-year-old Indian Batting all-rounder debuted in an ODI match against Pakistan in 2009, but she discovered her ability to reach long-distance in a women’s test match against England.

With four international centuries and one T20 century, she is one of the best all-rounders on the women’s cricket team.

Her father’s love for cricket inspired her to play cricket. Later, her father offered her the initial phases of cricket training before her trainer replaced him. 

Even though the training place was 30 km away from where she lived, Kaur joined the academy since she realized that cricket was her future. 

4. Sophie Ecclestone 

Sophie Ecclestone Creates History in Semi-Finals against South Africa. PC: ICC/Getty
Sophie Ecclestone Creates History in Semi-Finals against South Africa. PC: ICC/Getty


Sophie Ecclestone is a leading women’s cricket player on the England women’s cricket team. Being named one of the emerging players of the year in 2018, Sophie has always concentrated on her bowling skills. Her role as a bowler in the team has supported them in winning multiple matches in a row. 

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Being born in Chester, her love for cricket emerged while watching her father and Brothers Play cricket daily.

Despite her headteacher neglecting her ability to play cricket, she proved her efficiency by gathering 18 and bowling her first ball against the headteacher. She considers her brother as her influence in cricket. Her husband Craig also supports her cricket career over the Pilot career that she has been interested in right from childhood.

5. Shabika Gajnabi

Shabika Gajnabi. PC: Getty Images
Shabika Gajnabi. PC: Getty Images


Shabika Gajnabi is a leading West Indies player introduced into cricket as a right-arm medium bowler in 2019 as an ODI player. She later moved down to play multiple other versions in the cricket franchise. 

She became the vice-captain of the West Indies team in 2021 for a series against Pakistan and became one of the reserved players in the West Indies for a qualifier tournament against Zimbabwe. 

Her love for cricket at a very young age drove her to take it up as a career after her high school education. Her accolades and performances have backed her place on the team until now.  

Final Thoughts 

If you want to answer the question, ‘who is the best female cricket player?’, the answer is not one. These are the top 5 female cricketers who are inspiring, and how they struggled to make a career in crickets would inspire you if you dream of being like them.

Even though the place for women’s cricket is subtle compared to the men’s version, these women have been striving hard to secure their spot on the team.

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