Cricket Gaining Popularity among Celebrities in India

Cricket is a strategic team sport that primarily uses bat and ball. It is played worldwide, but it is most popular in the Commonwealth.

India, a Commonwealth country, is known for its obsession with the sport. So much so that the sport could be declared India’s unofficial religion. Also, many celebrities are discovering Online Cricket Betting as an exciting sport.


Fans will be allowed at stadium to watch WBBL 2021. PC:
Fans will be allowed at stadium to watch WBBL 2021. PC: Hobart Hurricanes


Cricket is a team sport with ball and bat. Two teams of 11 players try to earn the maximum number of points: one group (throwing the ball) tries to break the ball with a unique structure (the structure is called “wicket” and consists of three wooden pegs hammered into the ground, lying on them “crossbars”), the other team (batting) – protects the wicket from breaking and tries to hit the ball as far as possible. 

History: British roots

As is often the case with various sports – no one knows exactly where, who, and when cricket was invented. One of the first chronic references dates back to the late 16th century and refers us to the South-East of England: here, in 1550, in Guildford (Surrey) tells about children’s game “cricket.” A little later, in 1624, there is information from the coroner’s records: described the case of a fatal outcome in the game of cricket, already among adults: Jasper Wynall died from an accidental blow to the head with a bat. A little less than a century later – there is evidence of the first excellent cricket match – in 1697 in Sussex, cricket played two teams of 11 players on each side. Cricket became quite popular in the 18th century as an English national sport – the first Hambledon Cricket Club was founded in 1760, followed by the Marylebone Cricket Club (the biggest cricket brand to date) and the famous Lord’s Cricket Ground in 1787. It was here that the first set of cricket rules appeared.


Female cricketers from across the country celebrate MCC Women's Day by playing two matches of 100-balls-per-innings;
Female cricketers from across the country celebrate MCC Women’s Day by playing two matches of 100-balls-per-innings; : Credits: Twitter


Over the centuries of successful development and changes – there are many types of cricket, with their own unique rules and formats, the most popular and prestigious of them – Test Cricket (curated by ICC), also quite popular indoor cricket, French cricket, beach cricket, and quick cricket.

  1. Tournaments, championships, competitions

The most notable event in world cricket since 1975 is the World Cricket Championship (World Cricket Cup), held every four years under the auspices of the ICC. Cricket is not an Olympic sport but was once on the Summer Olympics program when a French-British team got the upper hand in Paris in 1900.

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Cricket ball is very similar in structure to baseball: it is a cork (sometimes rubber or polyurethane) core, tightly wrapped with threads, covered with a layer of leather. The highest quality balls layer of leather is three pieces (1 half and two quarters), firmly sewn together and sewn to the winding: the “equator of the ball is usually six visible stitches (which play a significant role when serving the ball), and quarters of each other are sewn secret stitch – inside the ball.

Usually, the ball is red (test cricket) or white colors, occasionally (due to weather conditions or time of the match) – orange, yellow or pink.

      2. Ball standards

Standards of balls for professional cricket dictate ICC: their weight is about 150 grams, diameter – about 730 mm. The color varies not according to weather conditions – but according to the type of cricket.

      3. Interesting Facts

  • Professional bowlers throw the ball at speeds up to 140 km / h.
  • Test cricket matches can last up to 5 days, and the game may well end in a draw.
  • The incredible strength of throws and strikes and a tough ball make cricket a relatively injury-prone sport. That’s why in professional competitions, special protective equipment is used. However, even protection sometimes doesn’t help – there have been fatalities in world cricket: usually because of hitting the ball in the face, neck, or head.
  • In South Africa, they often use a tennis ball for cricket: it is easier to get, cheaper, and less traumatic.

     4. Cricket’s area of popularity

Currently, the range of cricket has changed little: the game is developed in England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the Caribbean. Cricket has long ago earned international recognition – already in the XIX century was created by an international federation, which has helped much in promoting the sport on the international arena. Currently, the world cricket championships are held every four years, which so far won only Australia and the countries historically associated with India. Women are also successfully engaged in the sport of high performance. It is noteworthy that cricket has its Olympic history, unique in its way: concise, but at the same time full-fledged. And the fact is that in the Olympic Games. In 1900, the British team beat the French team. Since no one else took part in the tournament, the British won the gold medal of the Olympics, and the French won silver. However, this draw did not impress the Games’ organizers, and cricket lost its place in the competition program. There is talk about the return of cricket to the Olympic family from time to time, but so far, it does not sound like the truth.

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Indian Cricket fans enjoying World Cup 2022. (Photo by Phil Walter-ICC/ICC via Getty Images)
Indian Cricket fans enjoying World Cup 2022. (Photo by Phil Walter-ICC/ICC via Getty Images)


That said, millions of fans want to see cricket in the Olympics. And this popularity can perhaps be explained by simplicity and unpretentiousness. The game involves two teams of 11 people: one striker and the second pitcher. The task of the first – to score as many points as possible, the second – to prevent collecting points and try as quickly as possible to knock out all the players on the opposing team. At the same time, in the middle of the playing field at a distance of more than 20 meters from each other are only two kicking team players. They have to protect the small wooden structures behind and called wickets from being hit by the ball, trying to beat the projectile with the bat. If the hit is successful, the hitters must switch places before the ball is returned to play by the pitchers. For each run or, in other words, wound players get extra points, but if the opponents during the change of places have time to return the ball and knock down the wicket, the player who has not finished his wound, out of the game and his home is taken by the next. Kickers are also ejected if the ball hits the wicket immediately after being served or if one of the players of the serving team catches the projectile after the kick before it touches the ground.

Cricket leaders

Currently, the World Cup is held precisely in the T20 format, allowing matches to be broadcast on television. The leader of world cricket is the Australian team, which has won three of the last four world championships. The main rivals of the Australians are the Lankans and Indians. It is also noteworthy that the West Indian team, which has not missed a single World Cup and won two of them, still takes part in the competition. The best players on the international stage are considered to be kicker Glenn McGrath of Australia and Sachin Tendulkar of India. These guys hold the records for the most shots on goal and the most points scored by a run.

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