Top Scoring Women in Cricket

Cricket is a trendy sport that has so many fans all over the world. It is so engaging with its mode of play. It has its way of keeping its fans so hooked that they even bet on it. Today, there are many sites where cricket lovers bet on cricket games.


Team India level the series 1-1 beating South Africa by 9 Wickets in 2nd ODI. PC: BCCI Women/Twitter
Team India level the series 1-1 beating South Africa by 9 Wickets in 2nd ODI. PC: BCCI Women/Twitter


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When cricket is brought up, people tend to think about male cricket. Even in betting, people tend to think about betting on male cricket players more than their female counterparts. People are interested in female cricket games, but not all watch. If you are one of those people who do not follow female cricket games but want to get an idea of how they play, then you are reading the right article. Since you’re reading this, you probably want to know the queens leading in cricket.


Mithali Raj and Smriti Mandhana
Mithali Raj and Smriti Mandhana

Top scoring women in cricket

  • Lizelle Lee: Lizelle Lee is a South African cricket player. There can be no mention of female cricket players that beat records without mentioning this woman. Her prowess in cricket made her lead with an outstanding margin. She has a history of 632 ODI runs in 2021. This record made her top her fellow cricket players, making her match with Deandra Dottin. The number of matches she played in 2021 is eleven matches. 
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Throughout all the matches, she had a leading record compared to her counterparts. She had her ODI record in March 2021, with an unbeatable number of 132. In 2021, she had an average score of 90.28, with five sixes eighty-one fours.

  • Tammy Beaumont: Tammy Beaumont is an English cricket player with an excellent standing in the game cricket. She follows closely with her record of 503 ODI runs that she shares with another female cricket player. Just like Lee, Beaumont engaged in eleven matches in 2021. 

This female cricket made it to the list because of her ability to hit four half-centuries. Individually, she has beat her score, with 103, in 2021. The average of her winnings sits at 62.87, shooting six and sixty-fours.

  • Mithali Raj: Cricket is immensely popular in India than in many other countries. This Indian cricket queen does not disappoint her people’s love for cricket. She shares the same number of ODI runs with Beaumont—503.  

She also engaged in eleven matches, with an average of 62.87. Her scores that the standard was gotten from are three sixes and forty-eight fours. In 2021, her highest winning was 79.

  • Deandra Dottin: Female crickets game would not be talked about without mentioning the woman from West Indies—Dottin. If not for the number of matches and innings she played to get her highest individual ODI score, she would have shared the same position with Lee on the list. 

However, she still has 132 as her highest personal ODI score for 2021, the same as Lee. Unlike the others mentioned, she has had 14 matches and 13 innings. Last year, she had a total of 460 ODI runs, with an average of 38.33. In ODI the previous year, she had 84 runs, making her the most runs.

  • Laura Wolvaardt: A south African cricket player makes it to the list again. Wolvaardt is a very young cricket player who has already started drawing the hearts of cricket fans with the way she plays. 
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The 22-year-old had 420 ODI runs from the 12 matches last year. She made a record for herself by making five half-centuries, getting the highest score of 80 in one year. The average of her scores sits at 40, pretty impressive.


Many other women with prowess in cricket, but these mentioned are leading. Heather Knight, the English female cricket player, would have also made it to the list because she has an impressive amount of ODI runs that are even bigger than Wolvaardt’s. Last year was an exceptional year since she won a century and the other three were half-centuries. 

Still, Wolvaardt made it to the list because she is relatively a new cricket player compared to Knight. This doesn’t dim the idea that all these women are great cricket players, and the world of female cricket has been made interesting because of them.

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