American Female Cricket Team: A History in the Making

Everybody’s looking at America’s great prospect on cricket as their national female cricket team has recently shown great potential in the sport. Despite having a short backstory and a relatively new team, the team shows great promise as they have stepped onto the 2021 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Americas Qualifier and have become a bet-worthy topic on online sports betting USA sites.


USA Women's Cricket Team in T20 World Cup Qualifiers 2021. PC: Twitter
USA Women’s Cricket Team in T20 World Cup Qualifiers 2021. PC: Twitter

Overview of the team

Cricket has been a popular sport, a sensation for many countries worldwide, and women’s cricket has an exclusive fanbase. It’s not long since America started playing cricket again after they were granted full T-20 international status by ICC about three years ago. Cricket is not as popular in the US as other sports like baseball, basketball. However, America showed excellent promise as they finished 4th in the division two tournament in 2019 and achieved ODI status in their history’s third-ever ODI match. And this time, they got another chance to show their worth in the upcoming T20 world cup qualifier, enter the tournament, and leave a footmark on the T-20 world cup. The world cup always has raging popularity on most betting sites.

Cricket, in general, isn’t that much popular in the US, but it was once during the 18th century. During that time, many universities in the US together formed the Intercollegiate Cricket Association to play and further developed their reach in cricket. That didn’t survive in the long run, and by the 19th century came along, cricket had only survived centered around Philadelphia. Internationally, the USA cricket teams had stopped participating in cricket and it was almost over until recently when the US national cricket team started getting into international tournaments such as the ICC WCL. They can make a comeback and secure a league position in cricket, especially now that they have a potential women’s team. The team lead by Sindhu Sriharsha is capable of making these few wins and qualify for the tournament. The other three teams competing to qualify are Canada, Brasil, and Argentina, and the US women’s national team has won the last three games they’ve played against Canada.

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Current situation of the women’s team

The current squad is very youthful and full of potential. There are some outstanding batsmen on the team, including the captain and Nadia Gruny to lift up the batting innings and some fantastic bowlers like Lisa Ramjit and Claudine Beckford, who can handle wickets as they have shown outstanding performance in recent times. The captain has confirmed that they have been playing lots of domestic matches as practice for the upcoming tournament. To qualify for the event, they have to play six matches, two against each competitor. Now, they have already defeated the Canadian female national cricket team three times in 2019 with almost the same team, and they can do it again. So they need to secure two more wins against the other two competitors Brazil and Argentina, and they are set to participate in the upcoming T20 world cup.

The upcoming opportunity to prove themselves

The US cricket can make a comeback through this outstanding women’s team as they have never stepped on the T-20 world cup; through winning the qualifier matches, they’ll be able to leave a footprint on the event and at least solidify their position for the next tournament. The tournament already has seven teams, they are the previous year’s top-performing teams, and they will arrange these regional qualifier rounds for the rest of the two teams. The qualifier will occur throughout America, Asia, and Europe, and 37 teams will compete for the regional qualifier. However, this number is divided regionally, so the group that the US women’s cricket team has to compete with has three other competitors Canada, Brasil, and Argentina.

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The US team already feels confident against the Canadian team as they had previously won all the matches against them in 2019. And on the other hand, the other two teams are making a comeback in cricket after eight years so there’s an incredible opportunity here for the USA national women’s cricket team to outplay the competition and qualify for the ICC T-20 World Cup.

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