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COVID-19 has forced us to remain indoors and with practically no entertainment available, there is arguably only sports that have come to our rescue. In order to ensure that the world of sports keeps buzzing and that our favorite players continue to entertain us during these testing times, it is important that they remain safe while playing.

Cognizant of this, Tektor Shields, a US-based company has introduced a novel product that will keep the athletes protected. Headquartered in Connecticut, Tektor Shields has engineered an integrated mask that strikes a perfect balance between the safety and performance needs of athletes playing sports like cricket, football, hockey, softball, baseball, and lacrosse, in which helmets or other face protection equipment are used.


Tektor Shields Website
Tektor Shields Website


If you are an ardent cricket follower, you must have seen batters playing with their helmets on. There is seldom any doubt that the helmet protects the batters from those lethal deliveries bowled by the bowlers, but given the current situation when the world is grappling with COVID-19, how can these batters protect themselves from the deadly virus?

Not to rule out the fact that these players stay in a bio-bubble for the given duration of the tournament, one cannot ignore the possibility of there being a modicum of chance that the cricketers can attract COVID-19. Once the players are out in the middle, they tend to come in close contact with each other, not only with players from their own team but also with the players from the opposition. Advertently or inadvertently, there is a spread of germs, thus increasing the probability of getting affected by the virus.

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In order to protect the players from the virus, Tektor Shields has introduced “Shield”, which is uniquely designed to effectively protect athletes by reducing the harmful spread of pathogens during the pandemic as well as going beyond. Based on findings from ICS Laboratories in Brunswick, Ohio, it is observed that the “Tektor Shield” provides athletes with 90% protection from larger outward bound measurable particles and 83% protection from the smallest outward bound measurable particle. The “Tektor Shield” is very user-friendly equipment. It is a lightweight object which can be mounted within seconds onto the helmet. The athletes can carry this “Shield” anywhere. It is multi-purpose protective equipment, as it can be used for different sports.



Tektor Shields, which aims to provide an additional layer of safety to athletes throughout the world with quality innovative shield protection, has indeed traveled that extra mile to ensure that the athletes who are fighting hard on the field do not have to struggle to protect themselves from any kind of virus. The players can put the “Shield” on and concentrate on the game without thinking about spreading or catching any germs during the time of play.

As part of the company’s mission, a portion of every sale of Tektor Shields will be donated to deserving sports organizations and programmes across North America. The “Tektor Shield” can be a revelation in the world of sports going forward.

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