Cricket was a way of life – ex-England cricketer Beth Morgan

When asked about choosing cricket over other sports like football, netball or hockey, former England player and current Middlesex County cricketer, Beth Morgan replied that cricket was always a way of living for her whole family. She said, “My whole family played cricket. We love cricket and it was completely normal for us. I loved all sports but it was always going to be cricket that was my passion.’

The 37-year old player talked about the struggles that she and her family had to go through for perusing a career in cricket and told that she started playing cricket as a child at the age of four in her back garden, but never really saw opportunities to play outside of that. She was reluctant to join a boys’ team to avoid the undoubted attention it would cause. “My Dad went through all of the local papers and finally found a club with a women’s team. I was thirteen when I first attended Gunnersbury Cricket Club and that was brilliant for me as I felt like I had a place where I could belong and fit in”, she told.

Even after twenty-five years of playing cricket and twenty-two years of representing her county Middlesex, she is still enjoying playing cricket and said, “It’s tough to say at the moment that how many years are left. The body gets a bit older and bit more tired but right now, I’m still really loving playing and enjoying it. My decision to keep playing comes down to if I feel I’m still contributing and still feel I have something to add. I take each game and each season as it comes and we will see what happens.”

Kanika Parineeta

‘Gully’ cricket player and close observer of Indian Cricket team and it’s matches. Straight forward and still socially admirable personality. Strong belief in teamwork and possess high leadership skills.

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