Veda Krishnamurthy opens up on the COVID crises at home and it’s effect on Mental Health

India cricketer Veda Krishnamurthy on June 12 sat down with India today and talked about her struggle during the covid crisis at her house and dealing with the loss of her mother and sister.


Veda Krishnamurthy
Veda Krishnamurthy


Veda lost her mother due to a severe lung infection, which was caused because of COVID-19, on April 23 this year, and lost her sister to the same deadly virus on May 5.

Veda said that “many things could have been done to avoid or at least control if we would have caught it in time.”

When asked to describe what she went through during this difficult time so that people can know what can be done to save their loved one’s lives, she said, “The generation after me, that is a generation where you fall sick but you don’t go to the hospital, you’ve fallen sick and you don’t know what’s happening with your body, you just go on with your daily routine, you think you might be just tired because you might have exerted yourself.”

“That is exactly what everybody felt with my sister when she fell sick for the first time. She kept saying she was fine, she had a fever, cough, and cold but every time anyone asked her how was she, she used to say she is fine. This is because we have been taught that if you have a cough or fever, stay at home and everything will be fine. You don’t need a doctor or medicines for that.” She added

“My mum has never been admitted to a hospital, this was the first time she had to be admitted. When you tell them if you are feeling tired, let’s go to the hospital, let’s get it checked but they say they are fine.”

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Talking about the effect of the pandemic on mental health, Veda said, “See talking about the mental health, again it’s the same thing, the society doesn’t accept it, it doesn’t see it as something which is important. Again, when you feel sad about something or you are feeling depressed or you’re feeling emotional about something, they just say ‘it’s fine, So?’

“Lack of sleep, lack of appetite, you’re not able to sleep or think properly. These are all the things that come under the emotional part of it and people don’t see that. They think after someday you’ll be back to normal, which is not the case.”

“As a sportsperson, you go through it n-number of times, if things are not going well if you’re not in a good form, the team’s not doing well; a lot of factors come into play. Again, nobody speaks about it. They just say that the player is going through a bad patch. Especially in India, people troll the athletes a lot.”

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Source: India Today

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