Ashleigh Gardner starts her Foundation to Support next generation of Indigenous students

Education and sporting stints are two equal spheres of young lives. The interaction of these elements shapes the way for ideal learning. Ashleigh Gardner has committed herself to deliver the same learning.


Ashleigh Gardner
World Cup winning allrounder turns her hand to painting during the global pandemic. Pic Credits: Instagram

According to a report by, Gardner has been planning of launching a foundation since the ideal days of lockdown. While the start is gradual and the coverage is limited to a few schools, Gardners says that she wants to see more Aboriginal kids crossing the important threshold. The foundation has initiated a breakfast club alongside resources directed to nurturing their enthusiasm for sporting and creative activities.

Gardner says that “The foundation will implement a breakfast club program because I think the most important thing for these kids is to have a healthy, good food to start their day, so they can concentrate in class”.

On efforts to promote sporting enthusiasm in kids, Gardner explained that “I thought that was important because kids are always told what to do, so if you can have an unstructured play, I bet those kids will have heaps of fun. I’m also relating it to my art as well, allowing them to color in or paint because not all kids are sporty. It’s all about trying to empower the community and create positive mindsets for those kids and start a trend that will hopefully work through generations to one day increase that number of kids finishing school”.

The foundation, however, is not a one-time affair for the Australian star. She has signaled that the plans are in place to transform the institution nation-wide. Nevertheless, at the early stages, the foundation has a limited reach to assist students precisely. What started as an aspiration during lockdown has turned into reality when Gardner opened herself in front of the Development Manager of her WBBL franchise.

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Ashleigh has been honest in admitting that while she was not an ideal learner in her schooling days, she wants Aboriginal kids to have the ideal environment for their growth. The thought of giving back to society makes Gardner stand out above the rest.

Female Cricket, too, works selflessly to train young ladies to achieve their dream of wearing the blue jersey.

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