Rajasthan Royals Rope in Sanitary Pad Brand as a Sponsor for IPL 2020

In a society that still fights its orthodoxies, women have often been subjected to curtains and their issues are merely hidden. However, one of the biggest taboo that has haunted the Indian Society is its shyness from confronting the health of its women and particularly Menstruation.

The term is still an attraction for awkwardness in many Indian homes. However, Indian households are not shy from their cricket and the game reaches every single person in the country. Rajasthan Royals, the Halla Bol side in IPL, has just found the right recipe to cure Indians and their discomfort around menstrual health.


Rajasthan Royals rope in sanitary pad brand as sponsor for IPL 13
Rajasthan Royals rope in sanitary pad brand as a sponsor for IPL 13

In a revolutionary step, Rajasthan Royals will sport the logo of “Niine” on its Jersey. The team has, consequently, become the first side to be sponsored by a feminine hygiene product brand. This move, where millions of men and women will be watching the matches, is expected to take the issue of menstrual health in an open discourse which, unfortunately, is still dominated by men in the Indian context. As far as the Royals are concerned, this a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative for them. They are aiming to strengthen the cause of women’s empowerment. They plan to use their platform to boost awareness around menstrual hygiene.

The COO of the side while talking to a digital media portal said that “With IPL having such a mass appeal, RR is committed to breaking the stigma around periods, and educate not only women but also men about periods and accept it as a normal biological process”.

The Executive Chairman of Rajasthan Royals, Ranjit Barthakur, said that “IPL is a fantastic commodity which is loved and watched by millions around the world, we at Rajasthan Royals, through this partnership, look to be the drivers of change both on and off the field during the IPL, sending out a resounding message of change on the biggest of stages”.

The chief operating officer, on being asked if women were part of the decision-making group, said that “RR is probably one of those rare teams in IPL wherein the male to female ratio in the think tank is around 50-50. Chandni Malhotra, who is GM, Sponsorships, was integral in securing the Niine partnership.

There are a lot of women leaders in the organization and they have been doing a phenomenal job”.

He added that “It is important to note though that the men in the team were equally enthusiastic about the potential partnership and the impact it can have”. The star batter Robin Uthappa, on this partnership, said that “I’m really proud to be part of a team that is at the forefront of change within our society and a vehicle for spreading awareness regarding women issues, something that for far too long now we’ve been too shy to talk about… I’m sure having Niine on our jerseys is going to create the awareness that we need to get the message across”.

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The team COO revealed that the side plans to support campaigns like #letstalkperiods. It is heartening to mainstream role models of a country like India break the barriers of taboo for women in their society.

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