Sue Strachan becomes First Female President of Scotland in its 140-Year History

In a historic move – putting months of speculation to an end, Dr. Sue Strachan has been elected as the first female President of Cricket Scotland in its’ 140-year history. In its virtual Annual General Meeting on Thursday, the cricketing body announced that Sue will assume the role of President for a two-year term.


Sue Strachan - Scotland's first ever Female President
Sue Strachan – Scotland’s first ever Female President

Currently, a renal physician at her hometown’s Royal Infirmary, Strachan has served on the board of Scottish Women’s Football Association. She has cricket through and through in her blood, hailing from a family where her father, brother, husband, son, and daughter are all professional cricketers. However, the 56-year old was into cricket as more of a “recreation” and plied her trade in hockey instead, representing her hometown, Dumfries.

Speaking on her new role, Dr. Sue said, “Being elected as President of Cricket Scotland is a huge honour. To be the first female President is an even greater honour and also a huge responsibility.”

Strachan has been involved over the course of her career in encouraging more and more girls to take up sports, Sue Strachan becomes First Female President of Scotland in its 140-Year History Click To Tweet She believes that purely by increasing participation, “the standard is driven up.”

Declaring her intent for Scottish cricket, Dr. Sue stated, “The strength of Cricket Scotland depends on the strength of the cricket clubs in Scotland. I want to welcome everyone to be a part of our community – no matter your age, sex, colour, physical abilities, sexual preferences or financial situation.” Having worked at the grassroots level across various sports, Strachan is undoubtedly more than well equipped to do good by her words.

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It has been a challenging time for cricket in Scotland, with a lot of club’s finances severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially at the grassroots level. Even the progress of the men’s team at the World Cup Qualifiers has faced severe hurdles for the same reason. However, this does not waver the spirit of the new President, who assures, “These are challenging times for us all but I am absolutely committed to making a difference and to building on the progress made by Cricket Scotland in the past few years.”

Here’s wishing good luck to Dr. Sue!

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