How IPL 2020 Will Be Different From Rest Of The Seasons?

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the world’s most popular T20 league and the most followed event of the yearly cricketing calendar.


IPL 2020. Pic Credits:
IPL 2020. Pic Credits:


The IPL has had 12 seasons, and all of them have been bigger and better than anything else in the cricketing world, the exciting cricket and the cheerful fans make an IPL game nothing short of an event.

This year has been hard for everyone; the coronavirus pandemic has stopped the world and life as we know it has changed. Everything from the corporate sector to the entertainment industry has ended, and even sports haven’t been spared.

Every major cricketing series set to take place this year has either been postponed or canceled, in the midst of all this, there was some good news for the fans as the IPL schedule was announced and it was stated that IPL is set to start from the 19th of September 2020.

However, this IPL will be different than the others, as with every sport being played after the pandemic started. There will be various restrictions and tests done on the players regularly, every player will be closely monitored, and players will only be allowed to go to the ground and their hotel.

Wearing a mask at all times, except training and using personal equipment at all times has been advised, players are also asked to change into their training kits at their room and not at the grounds.

The coaches have been advised to train the minimum number of players at one point so that the social distancing guidelines must be followed. Various precautions will be taken at the hotels as well; all teams will live in separate hotels and maintain social distancing norms at all times.

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This year’s IPL will be played without spectators, although the Emirates cricket board is thinning of filling the stadium by up to 40%.
An IPL without fans and many different rules and regulations would certainly be tough, but watching some exciting cricket after such a long time would be a welcome change in many people’s lives.

The IPL may not be in India, and there may be no fans present there, but the IPL surely promises to bring us some exciting cricket, and after getting stuck at home and suffering so much from the pandemic, people would love just to relax and watch an IPL game.

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