Netflix show ‘Beyond the Boundary’ will make you fall in love with Women’s Cricket, Again!

One of the most popular aspects of human life is sport and cinema. Amidst pandemic and lockdown, Netflix has been the prime aggregator of digital content and the arrival of Beyond the Boundaries plays elegantly with the heart of a cricket fan.


ICC Women's T20 World Cup Final 2020
ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Final 2020


Beyond the Boundary is a documentary that takes fans back to the spectacular 17-day tournament held in Australia. The documentary revolves around various teams throughout the competition and brings the behind the scenes visuals of a remarkable tournament. It is available to watch for fans on Netflix and was released on the 14th of August.

The chief executive of ICC, on a trailer launch, said that “We are immensely proud of Beyond the Boundary and we are delighted to partner with Netflix as part of our long-term commitment to growing the visibility of the women’s game and ensuring it has a global platform.

“The film captures all the action and drama from the tournament, which set new benchmarks for not just women’s cricket but all women’s sport and gives fans around the world the chance to relive one of the greatest ICC events we have ever staged”.


Australia Women's Cricket team
Australia Women’s Cricket team. Pic Credits: ICC/Getty Images


It has to be noted that the documentary was made under the 100% Cricket project launched by ICC. The most pleasing aspect of the documentary lies in its wholesome nature of the work. One can sit with all the emotions, with all the adjectives and attributes are known to him and the movie may well have bits of all. There are all shades of cricket. The excitement of debut, the glory, and the victory.

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There are a winner and a runner-up in the end but the journey nearly an hour-long is worth a watch. Not only does it showcases the material and exotic side of the tournament but it reveals things far better. There are joys and smiles from the Thai side. The documentary captures their journey of winning hearts.

We have the disappointment in Aussies after losing Perry to a hamstring and faces of the Indian side were left dry and dull after that epic final at MCG.

There is everything that a fan can ask for. Voice of premium commentators makes the matches soothing to relive. Netflix, too, has subtitles for wide masses in languages namely English, Thai, French, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian, Korean, Dutch, and Hindi.

The reach of the documentary to masses will highlight the spirits of people that are behind women’s cricket. We can hope that more and more people watch the documentary and fall in love with the game.

Trailer of Beyond The Boundary

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